Eureka Seven: AO 06

Simultaneously within Myanmar and Peru, events perpetuated by person who can transform their appearance and launch some sort of energy blasts occur that simply result in destruction, appearing around the time Goldilocks went in to investigate the Scub Burst and revealed to be the pilot of the mysterious IFO that was already there.

A little behind I know but I’ve been incredibly busy lately, most of my posts however just need to have the screencaps added.

Following this Pied Piper arrive above the Carribean Sea to rescue Goldilocks and destroy the Secret, however not that long after sortieing they greeted by the Medon’s explosion, to which Ao remember’s Bruno’s words to him, and having located the wreaks of Goldilock’s IFOs they set about collecting them.

Around which time the mysterious woman has a rather interesting reaction when she spots the Nirvash, and Pied Piper are forced to rethink their strategy, having rescued the surviving pilots they’re faced with either pulling back or risking the Triton if they keep going, however Ivica pressures them to continue. Ao however heads to the hospital to see if Goldilock’s pilots are okay, being able to meet Chloe again while Maeve and Maggie are still in the ICU, staying with her but falling asleep which leads to Rebecca calling him and revealing to Chloe the fate of the Medon. And while Ivica is content to let Ao sleep this one out given the circumstances, Chloe wakes him up and hearing from her how things went badly for them, she had attempted to imitate him but failed with the Medon being lost as a result in Bruno’s best effort to protect them, Ao decides himself to head out and join Fleur and Elena.

Fortunately for them as a long range attack appears to be ineffective against the Secret, and so when Ao he asks them to use the Triton’s main cannon to create an opening for him to close in and take it out at close range, an act that only reaffirms the mysterious woman’s suspicions about the Nirvash. Following this Christopher sends Chloe a get well gift and tells her that he’s waiting for them all to get better, whilst back in Generation Bleu’s Swiss headquarters, Ao and Fleur arrive just as they’re cleaning out Bruno’s house. Ao finding a map covered in reports, including one on his rash actions on Okinawa which criticises Pied Piper for even daring to put a child in such danger, Ao realising that sometimes you have to upset people. And as the episode draws to a close the mysterious shapeshifting person, Truth makes his attack on Generation Bleu’s headquarters.

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Considering the points I made last week this was a rather interesting episode, it managed to address them and rather strongly as well. Above all though alongside all this nice development for Ao the story appears to be advancing forward with the arrival of Truth.

So far a rather enigmatic figure if anything, for the most part I was uncertain whether, let’s settle on he for the moment, was even one person but was rather two based on the two odd appearances he’s taken, both possessing unnatural hair colours and the same golden weird pupils. Especially with his shape changing ability, but the end sort of managed to solve that mystery. If anything though at this point I’m wondering just what role he will be taking in the story, he comes across as being attached to the Secrets, being to Ao as Anemone was to Eureka, and generally just being really destructive. Either way his appearance at this point is still something of a mystery.

Moving on I liked how this episode addressed the matter of using children as pilots, something which as you can expect would be rather controversial no matter how you looked at it. The answer that it seemed to give was that, yeah it is possible for them to be killed by the Secrets but even so the team of adults behind them will do whatever it takes to prevent that, even if it means taking the same measures Bruno did in sacrificing his entire ship with himself and everyone aboard it in order to protect his three pilots. And for such it was a rather nice answer, while they’re seeming to admit that what they’re doing isn’t right they’re doing everything in their power to make up for it, no matter the cost.

Finally alongside this it was nice to see some rather heavy development for Ao in having him realise some important things about his rather risky piloting style until now and just what it means to not only those who care about him back on Iwada but also those supporting him on the Pied Piper. For him to realise that while it’s worked so far, if things go wrong he won’t only be putting himself in danger but by extension them as well, as a result of him messing up a risky plan the Pied Piper might end up like Goldilocks or Fleur and Elena would be put in danger as well, let alone if it was just him everyone would feel horrible at the end. Either way while not directly related to teamwork it was a strong message, and for Ao to bitterly accept the meaning of Bruno’s words while seeing that sometimes there’s no other option was some heavy development for him.


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