Eureka Seven: AO 07

As Truth makes his way through Generation Bleu’s headquarters completely unhindered, Ao and Fleur are told to stay put while Generation Bleu  move to defend against the intruder.

Elena however happen to be around and instead to be posing as a fairly popular singer when she has a quick run in with Truth, who also then runs into Gazelle, and having deduced just what Truth is after Christopher orders Pied Piper to head out. However their escape is cut short when Truth appears on top of the Nirvash.

Going on to question why Ao is the pilot of it and sending a shockwave towards Rebecca when she tries to shoot him, and so with little other options she tells Ao to head out. However near as quickly as he does this things quickly head back to Iwada, with Gazelle’s father explaining how the island is prospering at the moment making their independence movement difficult to pursue, and pleading to his son to return. Who wanting to discover the truth, refuses. Naru also seems to meet Ao again, who takes her to the site of the Scub Burst and heals her illness.

However this Ao is revealed to instead be Truth who takes off as the real Ao arrives, Ao pursuing him with the Nirvash with Truth noting that his interest in him relating to the truth of the world has shifted towards Naru. And seeing just what he can do and remembering how she was saved from the Scub Burst, Naru becomes convinced that it was Truth who saved her. Leaping out of the FP and when Ao catches up she stands between him and Truth, declaring that he’s the Sea Giant who saved her and asking Truth to take her away. Remaining just out of Ao’s reach as they disappear.

Following this Ao is shown to have been in a coma for three days after the Nirvash crashed, but even so some of the events from his dream appear to have happened, namely an incident on Iwada where Truth took off with Naru. Other than that the Japanese are shown to be rather bitter about losing the Nirvash and something strange is revealed to be beneath Generation Bleu’s headquarters.

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All I can say is what the fuck, I’m not saying that the show is suddenly terrible after this episode but more or less how much of a confusing mess this episode was as well as the whole dynamic of the show had before this. In the episodes preceding this one this show was a great somewhat down to earth mecha show with some pretty heavy messages, but with Truth’s arrival that seems to have been thrown out the window.

Instead of that we’ve got a rather mysterious guy who can fly, fire shockwaves from his palms, and as we’ve seen before, completely transform his appearance, the only way I think I can describe him is out-of-place in the show. Up until this point everything was fairly grounded, there’s the matter of Secrets sure, but it’s something that can be easily accepted, and then Truth quite literally strolls into the show and changes that. As a character he’s obviously related to the Secrets somehow (the pink and black is a dead give away), and then there’s just why he’s so focused on Eureka and his entire unyielding pursuit for the truth, so he’s kind of interesting so far. But how he came into the show was a bit too extensive for my liking, as something left unexplained there was simply too much to look past.

Other than that the format of the episode was a little weird as well, Ao having been in a coma for three days wasn’t explicitly hidden, but the moment the colours started to fade away it grew kind of hard to keep track of, had everyone somehow been spirited back to the island or was it all simply happening in their heads?  It was too all-encompassing, covering too many characters and some of the stuff being shown to have actually happened to be the former, and for the latter there was just something off about it all. For the girl who struggled to hold back her tears when Ao left Iwada, it all seemed out of character for Naru to simply ditch Ao for Truth after a crappy childhood revelation.

Those things aside it wasn’t entirely a complete mess, it simply lacked a coherency, and as I’ve said, Truth isn’t really that bad so far, he has a rock star sort of appearance, and he could possibly be the Secret’s equivalent to Eureka and the Coralians, throwing an interesting spin on how he’s made off with Naru. And as confusing and out of character for Naru as it all was, it was nicely executed all the same to have that effect, when the hallucination side of it started the colour slowly started to disappear as the episode progressed and was pretty much black and white aside from the trapar/Nirvash by the end of it, and above all things are moving ahead. Truth has definitely shaken things up, the Japanese military are shown to be rather bitter about having their Nirvash hijacked, and we got a glimpse of what could be AO’s equivalent to TheEND, so while a few things didn’t make sense in this episode, they are progressing nicely. That said it does feel like Bones is trying to rip off Eva, again.


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