Uchuu Kyoudai 08

Following the incident at the diner Mutta is brought in to do a live interview on tv, the news of just what it’s about making it to Japan just as Hoshika makes his final stand to persuade the others to approve of him.

Alongside him Mutta also has the only one who saw what happened, Ozzy Smith who narrates what happened as they replay the security footage and goes as far as to note that Mutta said there was something suspicious about him. As he goes on to describe how Mutta flawlessly moved through the mist, yelled something to throw the criminal off, and then hit him with a diving headbutt. One of the hosts building on this by adding how Mutta’s brother Hibito is undergoing spatial awareness training similar to this.

Of course what really happened was completely different, at the time Mutta had been cowardly trying to sneak off when Apo somehow ran off and knocked the criminal over, and so chasing after him he tripped and made it look as if he had headbutted him. So knowing that everything Ozzy had said wasn’t true he’s forced to smile and come up with a response, Hibito being able to guess what happened the moment he sees him, however while Mutta is about to fold and reveal the truth, he spots two pretty girls in the audience and changes his mind. Explaining how while he was afraid, knowing what his brother had to do changed that and he stood up to uphold justice. Following all of this he tells Ozzy about this but he reveals that he knew all along, and that luck is simply taking advantage of the opportunities life gives you. And thanks to this he gets some extra support in the exam.

Following this Mutta heads to the Space Centre on his last day in Texas and is a hit with Hibito’s fellow astronauts, his newfound confidence even leading to him buying a replica jumpsuit. And it’s here that he and Hibito get a message from their parents back in Japan, deciding to watch it with all of Hibito’s co-workers. The message showing that he made it through, and so cheered on by everyone he steps out and lets some of his excitement out. After this Mutta would find a message from Serika about his incident on the news and hoping that they’ll meet again in the third round, however before he heads back to Japan he also finds some rather sobering letters that Hibito had prepared.

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It wasn’t entirely what I expected but even so it was still good, if not better, I was expecting Mutta to step up and courageously take the criminal down, but when you think about it, it would have been out of character for him. Let alone it led to a rather nice message on what luck really is.

To start with seeing Mutta having to sit through a rather awkward interview made for a pretty fun start to the episode, if anything it probably made how it all turned out worth it in itself as he was forced to sit and smile knowing all too well what had actually happened. And as I’ve said, while I was kind of expecting him to heroically step up it just seems more in character for him for it to have all been a total accident while Apo was the heroic one, if anything it would actually be kind of odd for him to do something so rash in the first place. So either way, how things turned out and what it led to were pretty fun.

Secondly this episode also presented a rather nice message on what luck really is from Ozzy, which in turn served to curb Mutta’s defeatist mindset, as he reasoned that luck is what you make it and it’s simply choosing to take advantage of opportunities you’re given them instead of completely ignoring them. For someone like Mutta who’s always quick to doubt and stress that he has no luck, this was a huge step forward for his character, with it he’s realised that luck is all around him but he just has to reach out and take it when it presents itself, something he’s going to need to do if he intends to move forward.

To add to this the change in Mutta’s mindset was also nice to see and considering that this episode could be thought of as the conclusion to this arc I also feel that this development towards the end made it worth it, it’s one thing to mope and doubt but it was getting a little too repetitive until now, and so with this that should hopefully change. Even in what little we saw in the last third he seemed to be a lot more confident and less likely to fold the instant something goes wrong, the sort of attitude he’ll need if he intends to keep going. And so with this arc at an end the results it has had are great, we not only got a better idea of who Hibito is but also saw a great change for the better in Mutta’s character.


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