Chihayafuru 2nd Season announced

Kind of late but this news kind of made my day when I found it, the first season was remarkeably solid as a show, the characters were great, as was the progression and development between them, and as can be expected of Madhouse the animation didn’t really seem to take any major dips either. It was simply a show I enjoyed start to finish, and while I never ended up blogging it I kind of wish I had or at least thrown out a post covering my thoughts about it at the end.

But moving on with a second season confirmed on the jacket for the 17th volume of the manga I’m really looking forward to it, there were a few signs that it could get one but it still didn’t seem all that likely given the nature of the show compared to the sort of shows that easily get them.

Either way for those unfamiliar, Chihayafuru is Madhouse‘s adaptation to Yuki Suetsugu‘s Josei manga of the same name centering around a teenage girl, Chihaya playing the Japanese card game, Karuta.


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