Jormungand 09

In between jobs Koko and her team take a break at a beach in what appears to be the Adriatic Sea, the team’s members taking turns throwing Jonah around.

Figured I’d take a break from what I’m doing to throw a few posts out.

Tojo and Lutz however are carefully planning out how to get closer to Valmet in her swimsuit, knowing that a single wrong move could mean certain death, but R rushes ahead and makes the mistake of brushing his hand on her breast as he massages her shoulders. Koko at this point happens to be out swimming with Jonah and declares that he’s hers, and after this Mao shows Jonah pictures of his family over one of his lessons. Going on to explain how Koko took him in, a few details of Lehm’s past, and what Koko had said to him when he joined her team.

After this Koko reveals their next mission to them, that they’ll be working as couriers by escorting a team of doctors belonging to an organisation known as Outspoken Doctors for Human-Rights, or ODH, the catch is that they’ll be transporting them to a country in the Balkans where they were denied entry, and while she’s pissed about it she still begrudgingly accepts. As they make their way across Jonah also talks with one of the doctors, Maggie before being pulled away to look at the view, and while he’s away the man who appears to be the leader of ODH’s group explains that their destination is a disputed land that’s been caught in near constant turmoil, with those in power, currently the Balkan Dragon‘s, enacting ethnic cleansing. Also explaining some details about their boss and how dangerous he is to both of them.

Soon after this they arrive and Koko meets with her client, refusing his offers to buy their extra stock and trying to get out as soon as possible, however before they can the aforementioned boss of the Balkan Dragons arrives and demands to search their plane, causing things to go sour when he confronts her on harbouring ODH’s doctors. Let alone when he calls in the rest of his group to go through with the search, and with the tension rising, the group from ODH’s leader steps out and confronts the Balkan Dragon’s boss, forcing Koko’s team to intervene.

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It was nice to see the characters take a break at the beach, working to give us some nice shots of Valmet, however while I can understand that they’re doing it to avoid offending anyone, the indirect referencing is starting to get annoying. Usually there’s enough hints to distinguish and pick them out but it does make things kind of confusing.

For example while not direct, there are subtle things like the architecture, something as blatant as a map in the background, or even just piecing together the issues and the general area stated its sometimes easy to decipher the code names used. But even so in order to avoid finger-pointing regarding these, usually violent and controversial, issues the references to them will be vague and indirect, while if they’re just stopping by they’ll outright state where they are. It isn’t exactly overbearing but it does make it kind of confusing when multiple code names are being thrown around. Moving on however, it was interesting to see things shift to the Balkans, an area on the edge of Europe constantly caught in turmoil and conflict in the midst of multiple nationalistic ethnic and religious groups, a setting that was bound to show up eventually.

Other than that it was nice to see some more detail added to the other members of Koko’s team and with it a better idea of her work ethics towards their team. This time shifting the focus to Mao by revealing that while he doesn’t get many chances to show it he’s an artillery expert, and unlike the others he has a family who he’s uneasy with knowing the exact details of his job, both serving to say something about him no matter how minor and establish that to Koko, while their job may not be something to be proud of, she won’t stand for them not being proud of their comrades. Alongside this the on and off romance between Lehm and Chiquita was kind of surprising as well, it was kind of suggested from their meeting back in the fifth episode and the fact that they both worked for Koko’s father and now each work for one of his children is interesting as well.

Finally as cliche as it was to have a beach episode the start was a fun way to start the episode, even though the sight of a well toned Valmet in a swimsuit complete with multiple detailed shots may have stolen the focus these segments of the characters in their off time tend to be pretty fun and with it we got some interesting observations from Jonah on Koko. Appearing to touch upon her enigma of a character in suggesting that her constant smiles and cheerful attitude are something of a mask to cover up when things go wrong. Which as small and not entirely surprising as it could be, was still nice to see, with the short segment between them afterward almost giving me the feeling that things are moving forward in the story, though with a second season already set for Fall I’m not expecting any major progression soon.


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