Eureka Seven: AO 09

While the Japanese appear to have given up on retrieving the Mark I/Nirvash for the most part,  the one who pushed doing so insists that it could turn their situation around. Though at the cost of drawing a certain amount of attention to themselves.

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In Switzerland around this point Elena and Fleur happen to be relaxing around the pool when Ao comes along to remind them that they’re supposed to be training, other than that Christophe receives news that the Japanese will be conducting Scub Burst simulations, and thus because they can’t allow them to become a Trapar super power in their current state he dispatches Pied Piper to handle it. Other than that Gazelle and his gang head to Japan on forged passports for the information side of it, and when there note that a Scub Burst over Tokyo dealt the defeating blow to Japan during the war.

After which the Japanese start their experiment by attempting to reactivate damaged Scub Coral while Pied Piper wait in international waters, Fleur and Elena still not taking things entirely seriously. The experiment resulting in a Scub Burst which Nakamura reveals will allow them to capture and use a Secret, though they underestimate its destructive power, so in response to this Pied Piper move in with their IFO’s making their way under water with the intention of stealthily retrieving the Quartz, however leaving this doesn’t sit well with Ao and he instead decides to eliminate the Secret. In the process taking Gazelle by surprise and bringing him face to face with Truth, who having posed as one of Nakamura’s subordinates reveals himself around the time the Nirvash shows up.

When Fleur and Elena arrive at the sight of the experiment they find that the Japanese had intended to cause a Scub Burst by gathering damaged Quartz together, Truth having arrived because he suspected such. On Ao’s side of things however things aren’t faring all that well, other than the pressure the Secret possesses a form of camouflage that hides it unless its exposed to Trapar, and while he’s able to expose and destroy it when Fleur and Elena arrive to back him up he finds himself powerless as the pressure begins to crush the Nirvash. However Fleur and Elena manage to save and bring him to the surface, and on Gazelle’s side of things Truth says that only those who try to see the truth will see it. Following all of this Pied Piper head back to Switzerland and Nakamura is disciplined by his superiors when Truth arrives to offer him his support.

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Fleur and Elena in swimsuits aside this episode felt kind of dull, the Monster of the Week format isn’t entirely terrible but the show is nine episodes in and so far nothing has really happened, or seems to be happening soon. Truth may have appeared again in this episode but once again the nature of his appearance was enigmatic and seemed to be more about foreboding things to come than actually doing anything.

Which is all he really seems to do at this point, I’m interested in his character and his relation with the Secrets (that weren’t in the original series) but he hasn’t really done anything significant so far, considering how little has come from him abducting Naru. And when he does come into the picture he tends to derail things by diverting the focus, his message about seeing the truth being kind of stupid. That said it would be interesting if he does have some kind of plan, so far his actions have been clouded by anarchy as he goes around destroying country after country for some unknown reason, and from his actions towards the end of the episode it would seem that he’s found his next target in Japan.

Moving on however it was interesting to see the state of Japan and a further insight to the differences in the world that the show takes place in, for the most part the nations within it seem to follow a similar structure to that of our own with a few differences, namely the independence of Okinawa/Ryukyu, and even with it the general pattern of events is similar as well. Yet the advent of Secrets, which we can deduce are not entirely new, has changed a few things along the way. With this episode serving to present Japan’s position in this show, painting the usual picture of oppression and humiliation seen in anime after a defeat but with the difference that Tokyo had been leveled by a Scub Burst, it wasn’t exactly that much but I still find these small differences in the world interesting.

Other than that I also kind of liked how Ao had to be rescued by Fleur and Elena at the end, as with few exceptions all we’ve seen him doing is rushing in on his own and proceeding to take down Secrets single-handedly while Fleur and Elena fire off potshots from the side lines. A tactic that’s already been firmly established as a gamble and that he’s been lucky to pull off with minimal loss, but this time it didn’t work out in Ao’s favour. He destroyed the Secret but was left helpless as the Nirvash began to sink to the bottom of the ocean and the resulting pressure crushed it. However something as small as the two of them dragging him back to the surface was it seemed to say that he needs them and that they have to work together more often, and even if it doesn’t lead to much it was still satisfying to see Ao’s usual tactic of rushing in backfire spectacularly for once.


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