Jormungand 10

With the situation having turned sour Koko’s team is forced to fight their way out as the leader of the Balkan Dragons makes off with the doctor, and while he has a clear shot at him Koko stops Jonah from firing.

And Pokemon Black and White 2 just came out, looks like I won’t be as fast as I planned on being.

After this they have to make their escape before he comes back with reinforcements, and in order to do so they decide to buy one of the 122mm cannons from their client and load it into their plane, as suggested by Mao. Meanwhile the leader of the Balkan Dragons intends to shoot them to pieces soon after they take off.

But soon after they start firing they find that Koko has some preparations against such, infrared jammers and flares, and before they can counter them Mao fires the cannon raining flechettes upon them. At this point Scarecrow happens to be in the middle of work while Schokolade solders in his office when he gets a call from Koko, offering him the leader of the Balkan Dragons exchange for the five million bounty on his head, to which he of course refuses so Koko offers it to Schokolade instead. Following this the doctors prepare to part ways with Koko’s team, thanking her for taking them this far, but Koko refuses as there’s still one thing missing that she needs to retrieve.

So she then sets about tracking the leader of the Balkan Dragons down, and finding that he had already been tracked for her she deduces that this was her father, Floyd Hekmatyr’s plan, the operator confirming that he intends to take down the Balkan Dragons to gain favour with the CIA and the ODH. And so as Lehm and the group commissioned by Scarecrow move in, Koko notes on how people turn into dragons and the glory that comes from slaying them. Maggie being convinced that Koko could be one of these dragons when Lehm succeeds in saving her co-worker while Scarecrow finally relents on giving her the bounty, finding the leader of the Balkan Dragons tied up in the middle of nowhere.

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Little may have happened in the grand scheme of things but I still thought that this was a pretty fun episode, loading a cannon into the back of a freight plane and firing it is just one of those things guaranteed to make it so. However I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my general opinion of the series at this point isn’t influenced by the lack of any overarching plot at this point.

As I said in my last post, with a second season having already been confirmed around the time that this even started airing I’m not expecting any major progression as I usually would be. It’s a effectively a two cour show with a break in the middle, but even so little appears to be happening at all in a very style over substance way that just gets tiring after a while, as Koko and her team go about random missions with the bonus of small bit of development to one of the many members. It’s still an enjoyable show but it’s having trouble keeping my attention through fun hijinks and by running about incoherently with neither a goal nor really anything to connect them.

That said however it was interesting to find out some details about Koko and Kasper’s father, Floyd Hekmatyr. From how they’ve both effectively inherited Lehm and Chiquita from him I had assumed that he was pretty much out of the business but his name was still able to pull some strings. However the mention to him in this episode suggested something else, that he still actively attempts to keep people in his debt as well. And then there’s how Koko refered to him, I’m actually hoping that he’ll be brought into the story at some point. Other than that it was pretty fun seeing Schokolade and Scarecrow again as well.

While Koko’s monologue on what constitutes a dragon like many of her monologues may have been more about sounding cool than anything else I still found it rather interesting however. In the traditional western sense dragons are portrayed as monstrous creatures that preside over a vast amount of treasure and wealth, and will viciously protect such at any cost. They’re in essence a symbol of avarice and greed. However while in truth scaly fire breathing monsters are limited to the realm of fantasy it’s possible for a person to turn into a dragon, someone who gathers a vast amount of wealth and obstinately resides over it, lashing out at any threats to the point where they’re despised by all and the one who slays them is regarded as a hero. It probably wasn’t meant to be taken that seriously but I still thought that it sounded interesting.


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