Uchuu Kyoudai 11 and 12

Having arrived at the secret training Mutta and the other participants are herded to a waiting room where they’re allowed to eat, drink, or smoke freely for the last time before they move on. During this they’re also handed a disclaimer, offering them their last chance to turn back.

Now that finals are over and done with, now to set about throwing out as many posts that I’m behind on as possible.

Before they can sign this they’re also shown details of the accident in which Brian Jay and two of his fellow astronauts perished when their parachute failed to open, finding that they were well aware of their fate and regretted nothing, and in turn asking them whether they could accept death if something were to go wrong. And determined to go into space, Mutta signs it with little hesitation.

Eventually all the other participants sign it as well and they’re all split into three teams of five based on their previous assessment, and after two weeks of working together each team must put forth the two that they believe are most qualified to move on. However alongside this, JAXA may also pick out a few participants who they think are worthy of moving on. As part of this Mutta and Kenji also part ways as they both head to their respective environments with their teams.

Other than Serika, Mutta’s team also consists of Furuya, Nitta, and Fuyuya, and the first task they’re given is to correctly set the time on the clock that’s been provided for them with Nasuda warning them of what happened around the first time they tested out this style of closed room experiment. However while all the others believe that it should be around 5 to 6am, Mutta instead writes that it’s 3am.

The reason he gives for this was that he saw the bus driver’s odometer both as he stepped onto the bus and when he got off and therefore knows how far it travelled, and from deducing the average speed that the bus was going at as well as the time after getting off the bus it must be 3am. However the truth of this is a little different, following his earlier suspicions that the bus driver was bald he caught a glimpse of the clock on the bus as he stepped off. While on Kenji’s side of things, Tomi who having stayed awake throughout the rest time deduces that it must also be 3am.

With Nasuda confirming such and noting the three participants who passed Hoshika’s test to a colleague of his. Following this they’re given time to sleep but Serika’s stomach keeps growling, the other team members thinking that it’s Mutta’s stomach. Moving on from this Serika has something of a flashback regarding her father and her name where she found that the latter has no meaning as she goes about writing in her journal. After which they’re woken up and asked to plan out how they will make the food they’ve been given last two weeks, and as part of such they find some space food, and alongside this the teams also discuss how they will decide on the two people they will put foward at the end.

As part of this Fuyuya suggests that they set about better introducing themselves to each other, Nitta revealing that he studied sports medicine and has some experience in kendo, Fuyuya that he researched rocket development, and Furuya that he worked on a project about teaching chimpanzees to speak. But during this Mutta realises that he’s been a little too forward with Serika by addressing her by her first name, and has to find an excuse, following this Serika’s flashback continues with her being the only one without a meeting for her name in her class, and her father later explaining that even so the name Serika was the first that came to him when he first held her, and so when she later went back to her class she proudly stated that it had no meaning. Building up to her telling Mutta that he can still address her by it.

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It’s a shame that this always seems to be the serious that I end up falling behind in posts but another good two episodes none the less, the division into teams so soon wasn’t entirely what I was expecting but the direction that it’s heading in. And in the second episode, while the matter of Serika’s name was a little drawn out the story that came with it was pretty nice.

I can understand the significance in referring to someone by their first or last name in Japanese, but you have to admit that much given how much time was devoted to it and the matter of Mutta unintentionally blurting the former out. But anyway in the end it was still nice to see something from Serika’s past to better paint the relationship she had with her father and her reasons for doing what she’s doing, even if it didn’t seem entirely relevant you must admit that it did that much. Other than that it certainly doesn’t support Mutta’s chances with her either, he’s been constantly seeing he would a romantic interest but with this in combination with the helmet reflection bit she must see him as being more like her father than anything else.

In both of these episodes the test that the participants were given regarding the time was also an interesting one, they had effectively been put into a sealed box without their watches, phones, or generally anything that could be used to keep track of time for an undisclosed amount of time and were then asked how long that they had been in there. Let alone while they may have been given a few hints along the way going to sleep would have easily thrown most of them off. It was a test for something that had already been established as being important, their ability to naturally perceive the passage of time and at least keep track of it, and while Mutta has been shown to do this before the degree of it would have completely thrown him off.

The answer that he offered was also part of what made this interesting, even if I had picked up on him just being lucky again by just so happening to catch a glimpse of the clock on the bus as he stepped off it was still a good way of solving it considering how easily it could have been missed. Though the reason he said out loud was a little different, while it didn’t test his ability to perceive time and was more or less about checking if the bus driver really was bald it did show how observant he was compared to the others, pretty much all vehicles have clocks on the dashboard yet he was the only one who bothered to check and take notice of it.

Finally the shift into teams isn’t that bad either, I didn’t expect for such a divide to happen so soon after they got off the bus and we would be able to refer to all of them by name but by splitting the fifteen up so soon it allows more focus to be given to each of them. Even just going through that would have taken up more time than it would have been worth, as before it got anywhere with one character it would have to move onto the next, with this episode already telling us more about the members of Mutta’s team and a fragment of Kenji’s team. It only seems that the third team has drawn the third stick by lacking one of the main trio.


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