Eureka Seven: AO 10

Pied Piper move to counter a Scub Burst in Arizona only to find that they’ve been refused entry, Gazelle and Rebecca moving to negotiate such with the governor.

Best. Plan. Ever. Now back to my playthrough of Black 2.

Who apparently happens to know Rebecca from working with her for a PR company in the past, where they served to manufacture a justification for war that resulted in a country in the Balkans being completely erased. On the Triton however, Noah drops a copy of the Pied Piper of Hamelin into Ao’s hands, and as Georg lengthily explains the medieval influences regarding the theme of the closeness of life and death along with the Black Death and the Children’s Crusade, Elena and Fleur reveal that it was Ivica who named their team and they receive news that the United States intends to combat the Secret with infantry.

Because this would be absolutely catastrophic Ivica and Ao run across the border, but when they meet with those overseeing part of the evacuation they find none other than Truth, Ao demanding that he give Naru back only for him to transport them all into the middle of the canyon before he can reach him. The Secret forcing them all to flee inside the building as its drones attack anyone they can see. Back on Rebecca and Gazelle’s side of things the attack against the Secret is revealed to have been an absolute failure but the governor still insists that Generation Bleu makes concessions, and Gazelle confronts Rebecca on her guilt towards Ivica and what happened to his homeland.

At the same time Ivica also explains to Ao why he chose the name Pied Piper for their team, that his homeland was destroyed and he decided to join Generation Bleu as a way to repent, and so sees himself as the Pied Piper who marches children into battle but will still protect them. Following this Ao heads to the outdoor section and upon notices something strange and confirms it by running out into the open while hiding in a tent, that Secrets specifically target things with a human shape, and through this they’re able to sneak out unseen. Rebecca soon putting an end to negotiations and allowing them to act, with Ivica and Ao putting Ao’s theory to use by drawing the Secret’s attention away and allowing Fleur and Elena to destroy it. And as the episode draws to a close Ivica reveals that he holds no grudge towards Rebecca and notes that it may have been the children leading the Pied Piper.

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Once more kind of uneventful in the grand scheme of things but I’m always one to welcome character development, and this episode served to nicely develop two characters, Ivica and Rebecca. As well as touching upon the naming of Pied Piper and introducing something particularly interesting about the Secrets, so even so quite a lot happened.

The part about Secrets targeting anything with a human shape just asks so many questions in itself, why are they targeting humans? What happens to the humans they attack? And furthermore, just what does it all mean? Already I’m starting to suspect that the Secrets are just misunderstood and that just like the Coralians they’re attempting to communicate and understand humans or have taken human aggression as such, further cementing my suspicions that Truth is an emissary for them in a similar manner to what Eureka was to the Coralians while they (possibly) abduct humans to do this. If so given how focused Truth is on the truth it may even be possible that their true goal could be just this, to find the truth of the world.

Alongside this the sentiments towards Pied Piper’s name were also interesting, after Goldilocks I believed that Generation Bleu’s teams were named after nursery rhymes as little more than code names, but this episode revealed that they were not names designated but rather chosen personally. Ivica having chosen the name Pied Piper out of all the connotations that it invoked, it’s a story about a piper who led oblivious children to their doom and Ivica sees himself as doing just that by acting as a captain for an organisation that employs children to fight. It not only said a lot about Ivica himself but it also showed that a lot can be said about a team’s name, now if only there were more teams introduced to put this aspect to use.

The former development for Ivica was probably the most fulfilling part of the episode however, he’s been a pretty cool character from the start who offers a somewhat contradictory view for someone in Generation Bleu but there hasn’ t been much else. We barely knew anything about him with this episode serving to fix that, revealing that in coincidence with his self-identification as the piper he’s attempting to repent for something, though just what remains unclear. Through this Rebecca’s character was also nicely developed as well, like Ivica she has a dark unsavoury past but also feels guilty towards what happened in his. Not to mention it was also pretty cool to see her pull a gun on the governor in order to get him to stop making ridiculous demands when things were clearly not in his favour.


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