Jormungand 12 (Season 1 END)

With a glimpse of how Koko had recruited Ugo after a deal with the mafia went sour due to his reaction to the drugs that they presented her with, in the present Ugo holds off the assassin Grego’s attack long enough for Lehm to get back to his feet and give him with the chance to slam Grego through a wall.

With Grego taken care of his fellow assassin Liliane also makes the mistake of calling out to him behind the door, allowing Koko to slam it in his face before she and Ugo attempt to escape, having to deal with the leader Boss Dominique who laments the way things have turned out. However Ugo spins the car around and manages to send Boss Dominique off the road, Koko then offering him a deal, she’ll let his subordinates live and open their restaurant if he tells her who hired them.

Intending to face Chen alone, Valmet attempts to drug Jonah before heading to the Daixinhai Company’s factory, slaughtering everyone on her way with the exception of Karen’s replacement who Jonah conveniently takes care of as he cheers her on, until she eventually finds herself face to face with Chen. Who goes on to note who she is and how she must have hidden beneath the corpses of her subordinates to escape him before accepting her challenge, Valmet responding that her desire for revenge caused her fighting style to be molded by his before issuing a Finnish warcry and declaring that she must destroy him in order to move on. By the time Karen arrives however the matter has already been settled, Chen is dead, and in a fit of madness she chases and guns down Valmet before being shot by Jonah.

A few days after this though Valmet wakes up in a hospital bed with Koko at her side, who explains that Jonah had saved her and that Karen had been in the bed beside her up and vanished, other than that she’s also frustrated about how much this matter is going to cost her but still commends her on the spirit behind her actions. And after this Koko meets up with Jonah and fills him in on what had happened, while a CIA agent George “Bookman” Black goes about his day as he makes his way to Paris, France to meet with his informant, one of Koko’s bodyguards R.


It’s a shame that just as this show gets interesting the season ends and we won’t be seeing it again for another six months, but none the less this was actually a good episode. We got some nice development for Ugo and a spectacular end to Valmet’s character arc.

Seeing her tear her way to Chen felt as if some parts were missing even though it could probably have been to show the efficiency in Valmet’s attack, but even so her confrontation with Chen more than made up for it and lived up to all the build up it had. It built upon what had been shown before and presented Valmet with an awesome showdown with him as she confronted him head on. Alongside this I also liked how Karen’s version of events corresponded with this, it cut away from the fight as soon as it began and we were presented only with the result through her eyes, working nicely to convey the shock she was in from finding her mentor dead when she gunned down Valmet. She had clearly snapped and to take the irony between them further, Valmet has likely ended up becoming what Chen was to her to Karen.

Before this how Boss Dominique and his assassins were taken care of was fun yet indecisive, it was great to see Ugo slam Grego through a wall in a complete reversal to the last episode’s cliffhanger, and even show what he can do as a chauffeur by taking down Boss Dominique himself. Koko even seemed to have a bit of fun slamming a door in Liliane’s face as well. But the key detail, just who hired them still hasn’t exactly been revealed, from the way the episode ended it could be someone related to the CIA but even so for Koko to know it and for it not to be spoken suggests an attempt to hide it. Other than that I once more enjoyed seeing another member of Koko’s team detailed, this time Ugo who like those before him can’t exactly be seen as a faceless character anymore.

Once more though it really is a shame that this season ends just as things are getting interesting, as the episode drew to a close we’re introduced to CIA agent George Black, we see how he gets up, has breakfast (overly thick bread and salad aside), and then makes his way to work, along with that he possesses a number of nicknames. All together these simply served to say a lot about who he is in a short amount of time, but the more striking thing about the ending was what would be revealed through his character. That Koko has had a CIA spy in her midst the entire way, R, and for this to come out into the open something big is obviously going to happen soon and I can’t exactly see Koko’s team emerging unscathed.

End of Season Thoughts:

Since it’s going to be another six months before we see this show again I may as well take the chance to note my thoughts on the show so far. It’s been fun but I’m not entirely sure if it will be my main priority to blog come fall, I picked this show up expecting fun arms dealers doing fun arms dealer things and it certainly hasn’t disappointed on that front but at the same time it’s also rather bland. Things have really only picked up in this last episode after all so it really needs to be asked whether or not we can judge what things will be like from this episode alone, will it go back to two episode arcs or will the plot finally start to pick up?


4 Responses to Jormungand 12 (Season 1 END)

  1. paper says:

    Were you expecting Valmet to be dead or did you already anticipate that she would be alive? Would the series still be Jormungand with Valmet dead?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    What were you expecting to see come out of it? She’s kind of integral at this point so I expected her to kill Chen and move on, thus concluding her character arc and leaving Karen as a potential antagonist to pop up later on when she would least expect it. There looks to be something big coming up in the second season as well.

  3. paper says:

    I’m not too sure myself of what I was expecting. Maybe I wanted this series to throw in some kind of twist or surprise.
    Is it just or did R not really stand out until the very last episode?

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Another case of too many chracters and too few episodes I’d say, R was one of nine characters and while we got the chance to know some of them a little better he wasn’t one of them. The arc that will come from this last reveal will probably do just that for him.

    This reveal could change everything though, the series already has Scarecrow almost comically failing to take Koko down and then a CIA agent is shown to have been right by her side all along. To say Koko is screwed would be putting it lightly.

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