Eureka Seven: AO 11

Seemingly of their own accord, Gazelle and his gang appear to be investigating the similarities between the musician Miller, and Elena Peoples, an investigation that leads them from England to the United States.

Elena and the other members of Pied Piper happen to be investigating a Scub Burst at around the time that this happens, Ao’s question on just what the bursts of light are swiftly shut down by Rebecca, and when they move in closer they find themselves face to face with Truth’s apparition, their attacks again proving to be ineffective. Other than that Elena touches upon Fleur liking Ao leading to her reaction being broadcast for everyone to hear, and Truth seems to make fun of her dislike towards her father.

Now in the United States, Gazelle’s investigation leads them to a closed down facility where Elena grew up and regardless of the evidence that points to Miller being a spy for the United States, and that Elena is Miller, Christophe refuses to believe that someone who has been with them for two years could be a spy and tells them to drop the matter. To this however Gazelle intends to keep going, remembering Truth’s words about seeking the truth. At the base on Okinawa, they appear to be going through a similar problem, that Miller’s DNA now somehow completely matches up with that of Elena Peoples. After extracting the quartz Pied Piper return however they also bring with them some kind of Trapar dust, leading to Goldilocks heading out and hallucinating about Bruno. Elena on the other hand undergoes a series of hallucinations that imply a connection tot he world of the original series and end with Miller physically manifesting, and while Ao can see Miller his hallucinations his are more focused on Iwada.

These hallucinations are revealed to be the result of airborne Trapar, which while harmless to adults but cause hallucinations in children and can be dispelled by increasing their oxygen levels. Following this Elena has led Ao to see Miller in a private performance, but when her other band members show up she shoots them before the three of them make a run for it in pursuit of a world outside their own, Ao’s hallucinations growing more vivid. However they find their path blocked by Ivica and a security team, and as Elena undergoes a personality crisis upon remembering a meeting with the real Miller, she and Ao leap out of the FP and with Miller accused of being a spy, it’s destroyed. Sometime after this a group investigating Elena Peoples for the United States track down her family, but find that Elena Peoples has been dead for some time, while back in Switzerland Elena buries a wig and wishes both Miller and Elena a goodnight.

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Another acid trip of an episode but it brought with it some interesting developments none the less, particularly with Elena’s character. Originally I had just expected Miller/Mirror (Bones can’t into English) to just be an alias of Elena’s, piloting a giant robot by day and a pop star by night, but this just opens another can of worms entirely.

Not only was Miller originally a separate person, a British pop star/United States spy, whose identity Elena somehow managed to usurp some time ago but Elena herself doesn’t exactly possess an identity per se either. With even the name Elena Peoples belonging to someone else entirely. Just what this says about her character is actually kind of shocking, underneath the cat hears and her hyper otakuness, she’s a character tormented by this feeling of emptiness and constantly seeks a way to fill it. Perhaps even taking Miller herself out of the picture in order to insert herself into her role in the world to do this, and when just what this makes her capable of is considered, also kind of disturbing as well.

Then there’s the possible connection that she has with Eureka and the world of the original series, given this lack of an identity and her reaction to the flickers of the world from the original series, it needs to be asked if she somehow travelled from there like Eureka did. As welcome as it was, there otherwise wouldn’t have been a reason for all those images than to suggest much else than that she has some kind of connection to it, with this being most likely. The possibility of Scub Bursts acting as gateways between dimensions for such was even brought up in this world briefly before Rebecca cut Georg off, so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what all of this means this means or if it will be revisited soon.

Other than that I must admit that the Eva homages in this series so far are getting a little tiring, it’s still its own series so far but the similarities can’t really be ignored, with none more evident than the blood-red sea in this episode while in the show as entire aspects and the roles the characters play can be lined up almost perfectly. That said the expansion upon the earlier photographs taken from beneath Generation Bleu was pretty interesting as brief as it was, beyond a humanoid figure of some sort they appear to be hiding something big beneath their base. Either way all these similarities to Eva aren’t entirely bad but it does show a lack of originality.


4 Responses to Eureka Seven: AO 11

  1. paper says:

    Do I need to watch the other Eureka Seven to get the necessary background knowledge before I start this?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Long time no see. It’s kind of standalone so far but it would help as how things tie in with the previous series is one of the interesting parts about it.

    Other than that Eureka Seven is an amazing series in itself, it drags a bit around the start but what it builds up to more than makes up for it all. If you have the time to watch a fifty episode show I would full heartily recommend it.

  3. paper says:

    Yes, it’s been a while. :3
    What would you describe the main focus of this franchise to be?

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    For the first series surfboarding mechs, romance, and surf culture among many all mixed together sums it up. This series is a little different so far however.

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