Eureka Seven: AO 12

As the episode begins Pied Piper makes their way into space leaving Noah behind, while at a former Trapar manufactory in Brazil, Naru notes at how kind Truth is to her, something he appears to doubt.

Back at Generation Bleu’s headquarters Gazelle’s investigation is brought to a halt when one of the higher-ups, Stanley arrives and cuts them off before they can find out just what Miller was looking into. Around this point Pied Piper had finally arrived on the Orbital Fortress Poseidon where the gathered Quartz is stored and meet the team that guards it, Harlequin. The captain for which, Hannah insists that Ao refer to her as Mama.Elsewhere Truth passes on some details of his plan to Nakamura who just as he’s about to leave reveals some interesting information that he had dug up on him, revealing that Truth was the adopted son of a Professor J. Johansson who made some rather controversial prophetic claims, Truth however dismisses him with a click of his fingers.

Other than that the reason for why Pied Piper has head to space is given, a Scub Burst in orbit which Christophe and Stanley view as the perfect operation to either promote or destroy them, and in space Fleur notes that Harlequin’s status is special. However before they can head out Ao starts to panic, the trapar he had seen throughout his entire life gone, and as a result he finds out what Ivica and the others had been hiding, as well as just how his mother and the Nirvash arrived through a Scub Burst. From this Ivica accuses Hannah of trying to steal Ao away from them but Ao still intends to fight regardless of her attempts to keep him behind. Even though they manage to defeat the Secret however, Ao and the others quickly find that they’ve run out of fuel, with Ao’s attempt to land on the Scub foiled by a Japanese satellite cannon misfiring. Truth wondering if what Naru had said was true.

With the situation as it is there now seems to be no other option but to abandon Ao as the Scub burns in the atmosphere, Fleur begging her father to do something and Elena kicking herself, however Ivica refuses to let this happen and affirms it to him as Ao accuses him of hiding what had happened to his mother from him. However Naru appears to do something that gives Ao his chance, allowing him to hide in the Scub as it breaks up, revealing none other than the Gekko and original Nirvash inside who shows Ao what he has to do to glide down to Earth safely. The pilot of this Nirvash turning out to be none other than Eureka.

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Eureka’s return in itself made this episode a good one but even so am I the only one who believes it’s all too good to be true? I mean think about it, we’re only at the halfway point of the show and Eureka shows up accompanied by not only the apparent original semi-organic Nirvash, but also the Gekko in tow, no matter how you look at it something just doesn’t seem right.

Specifically from Eureka’s reaction in those last few seconds of the episode, her not recognising Ao is more than justified, he was only a kid when she left and appearance wise he was more like Renton than her then, but she still seemed a little different to the Eureka of his flashbacks. Let alone just how did she manage to somehow jump to one dimension and get the Gekko and Nirvash somewhere along the way, and then arrive in the universe that AO takes place in. All after being taken captive. Don’t get me wrong, Eureka’s return alongside the Gekko showing up were one of my favourite parts of this episode but something just seems a little off about it, especially since the crew were nowhere to be seen. That said I don’t think we can rule out time travel shenanigans, which really seems most likely when you think about it either yet.

Other than that there just wasn’t something right with Harlequin either, I liked how they gave us another team within Generation Bleu but they didn’t seem to give the sort of feeling that they were to be trusted. Maybe it was because they were a little too friendly to Ao while being otherwise cold but Ivica’s accusation didn’t really surprise me, even the children on the team seemed to be hiding something and going by their team’s naming it wouldn’t be that surprising either, the name Harlequin seems to suggest duplicity (clumsy yet nimble) and connotations with demons. How Fleur and the other’s regarded them can’t be ignored either, they seemed to possess a special status that would conveniently excuse them if anything had gone wrong.

Lastly it was also great to see Truth starting to be fleshed out a bit more and act less like some travesty torn out of some bad fan fiction, where other than spouting nonsense and destroying stuff for the fun of it, we saw both a genuine reaction and him contemplating how Naru had called him kind and just how true she was in saying it. Whatever relationship he has with her is still poorly defined but something other than a line about seeking the truth was interesting to see from him, suggesting that he might have some sort of conscience when it comes to her as he was intentionally going against what she had said then. The former reaction was probably the most interesting however, particularly because this foster-father of his Professor Johansson was brought up in multiple points in the episode and that Johansson both looks to be someone who set him on his path and someone he didn’t want to talk about. Either way I’m looking forward to Truth losing his cool in the next episode.


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