Eureka Seven: AO 13

Having crash landed in the middle of the ocean, Ao and Eureka pass time on the Gekko as they wait for help from Generation Bleu, however this Eureka doesn’t appear to be the mother he knew but rather when she was six months pregnant.

Oddly enough Eureka even ends up having to teach Ao some manners as eat the rations Ao had in his Nirvash, before going on to explain the how while Scub exists in this world, in her own world it covers the Earth’s surface yet people still live in peace with the Scub. However Eureka’s reappearance has led to various factions scrambling to obtain her, where other than Generation Bleu there is also the Japanese and the Allied Forces. As part of the Japanese’s efforts to do this Nakamura brings in someone who knew her in the past ten years prior, Endou hoping that he can negotiate her cooperation, however he wasn’t expecting Truth to sneak along and hijack things by placing them at odds with Generation Bleu so early.

Elsewhere the Triton makes its way to Gekko with Fleur panics over Ao’s lack of contact while Eureka’s reappearance appears to have had a major effect on Elena, other than that it’s revealed that Eureka directly led tot he founding of Generation Bleu itself. Back on the Gekko Eureka explains some things about it and Ao is even able to ask about his father, learning about who Renton was and what he meant to her in the original series, that they had been researching the disappearance of the Scub when she was spirited away, and that Renton had been building a mechanical Nirvash that would become the one Ao pilots now. Following this Pied Piper arrives and Ivica introduces himself to her, recounting at how she had already known his name and how she had sacrificed herself to defeat the Secret that would become Naru’s “Sea Giant”, following which he met with Christophe who offered him a job but regretting having torn Ao away from his mother, decided to return to his country.

With this the Eureka that has arrived being that of before she arrived on Okinawa is effectively confirmed, with to a greater extent that she was flung back from the far future before this, however as Hannah checks over her and puts her fears about her unborn child to rest, Gazelle arrives intending to retrieve Eureka. Leading to Ao just having had enough of him just as the Japanese arrive, Endou remembering her clearly, and Truth baiting Ao by disguising himself as her, which from he receives a revelation as to the nature of the Secrets and how he needs to go back. Before Endou could make it away with Eureka however, Truth intercepts only to find himself faced with Ao in the Nirvash, and remembering his promise to Eureka to protect her son attempts to take Truth down but dies in the process. In the confusion of this though, Eureka makes it to the original Nirvash but instead of taking off moves to help Ao.

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Looks like Eureka’s reappearance really did turn out to be the result of time travel shenanigans, but even so to say that a lot happened in this episode would be an absolute understatement. With this episode the pieces to the mystery of Eureka and even to a greater extent that of AO itself appear to be coming together, we now know both what had happened to her and how this series possibly relates to the original.

To simply think that we’ve been watching what could very well act as both a prequel and a sequel to the original series at the same time is almost mind blowing, the protagonist may be the son of the protagonist and the heroine of the original but at the same time the story takes place in the far-flung past some two thousand or so years prior. Let alone what everything means considering what we know about the Scub’s origins, a sattelite colliding with some coral. Either way with something as amazing as Eureka’s return last week this episode didn’t disappoint one bit, we saw some nice scenes between Ao and his eventual mother as well as some more than adequate explanations and relations to the original series.

That alone was one of the things that I liked about this episode, time travel is usually a confusing mess in terms of story telling, but with this episode the pieces to it were all put in place as we were given a clearer passage of events as to what we had been given before. Detailing what had happened to Eureka after she was taken away, how Ivica had met her and the reasons to why he was awaiting her return, and even why the Nirvash Ao has is completely mechanical, having been put together by Renton himself. Alongside all of this I also liked what was done with Endou’s character, it’s interesting how the Japanese aren’t exactly portrayed in a bright light in this show but he turned out to be the exception, while he wasn’t as informed as Ivica he honestly appeared to be acting in her best interests and learning just who Ao was, stood up to Truth and paid with his life over the promise he had made to protect him. When seen as the result of this loop where Eureka had heard his promise and which in itself was the origin, his death was actually kind of tragic.

Last but certainly not the least, there was also what this episode did with Truth, touching upon his feelings towards Eureka and possibly even his origins as well, it almost felt as if he was connected to the Secret that Eureka fought during the Scub Burst over Okinawa with the grudge he bears towards her. Especially given that he demonstrated the same style of attack by transforming his entire arm. If so this would also make Naru’s sentiments to him as her Sea Giant even more ironic, she sees him as her saviour where in truth he’s anything but that, being sealed away as opposed to protecting her of his own will. Other than that it was fun to see things just blow up for him, his overconfident disposition shattered and Endou even shot him.

All together this was an amazing episode, I could keep going regarding Elena and a few of the other things but I feel as if I’m already pushing my already long post length limit, after both it and the return of Eureka and the Gekko in the previous episode it really feels as if this show is starting to find its feet and move forward.


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