Eureka Seven: AO 14

Opening with a vision that Naru has of the Scub Coral’s origins and the world of the original series, the episode soon cuts to the Japanese attempting to find a way to respond to the situation diplomatically while Truth has trouble holding off the two Nirvash.

Opening Theme:

“BravBlue” by FLOW.

Seeing their chance to get Eureka back, she and Ao make their way to the nearby Scub Burst and while Truth isn’t prepared to let them get away so easily a misinterpreted outburst from Elena sends him flying. By this point however the Japanese have began to open fire and with Truth still not entirely out of the picture, Nirvash ejects Eureka to meet him head on and forcefully slam him into the ocean.

However just as the Nirvash does this a Secret emerges from the Scub Burst unlike those before it, Nakamura rejoicing with a copy of Johansson’s book in hand, and Eureka releasing the locks on Ao’s Nirvash to combat it before she leaps into the Scub Burst. Wondering why Ao called her mom and noting that she’s supposed to have a girl as she’s caught by a ruined mechanical Nirvash. Following this Generation Bleu is forced to sink the Gekko and know that regardless of the actions that took place the Japanese won’t take this intrusion likely, while the Japanese recover the remains of the destroyed Secret, Nakamura noting that Secrets are beings meant to destroy foreign beings. The Scub and in this case the two Nirvash. Ao also takes the time to return home and visit his grandfather, learning that his father hadn’t run off as he believed and is instead still fighting, and Fukai responding to his questions about his sister by taking him to the hospital.

There he meets Naru and learns that there was some truth to what happened in his dream, as she coldly tells him about the vision she had, and how the Scub merely want to communicate with humanity, but before she can explain further Nakamura shows up. Revealing that the Japanese are acting upon their claims of sovereignty over Iwato and that Naru, someone who’s body has been infected with the Scub, and Ao will be placed into their custody. While both in Generation Bleu and the Allied forces, they react to the news that the Secrets mean no harm and that the Scub are alien invaders, Generation Bleu noting that Ao has been accused with killing one of their agents, and those on Iwato handing them over to avoid further conflict. To this however Naru calls upon the Scub for help and finds what appears to be the original Nirvash waiting for her, in the confusion Ao taking back his own Nirvash, but when he reaches out Naru responds by declaring that she wanted to fly at his side without being carried by him before she takes off.

Ending Theme:

“Iolite” by joy.

Next Episode:

May as well include the PV for the game/OVA, game looks crappy but the OVA looks good.


It’s almost funny what they’ve done with Naru so far, within the first few episodes she had to be my favourite heroine in the show, she was Ao’s lovable childhood friend who just couldn’t keep up with him and they had a nice relationship together. However over the course of this half of the show that’s near entirely been reversed.

To the point that it doesn’t exactly feel consistent, when Ao left with Generation Bleu she was struggling and failing to hold back her tears, it was obvious that she loved him a lot and was forced to see him off, however when Ao finally runs into her again she’s turned into an emotionless idiot who wants nothing to do with him. It could be argued that the meaning of her parting words for Ao suggest that she wanted to be treated as an equal by him, but this great of a transformation is still a little too much, especially since she hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of the show all that much. Of course her other actions don’t exactly speak much for her either, she deems a mass murdering (if not genocidal) maniac a nice guy and really only seems to be acting as a facet for the Scub right now. All that said, I kind of prefer Fleur way more than her at this point anyway.

Interestingly enough however, a good part of this episode felt as if it was focused around destroying any ties that this series has to its past, aside from Naru’s reversal the Gekko was sunk to the bottom of the ocean, we know that Eureka doesn’t exactly get a happy ending, and then there’s even what happened to the original Nirvash. It was pretty heart wrenching to see her forcibly eject Eureka in favour of soloing truth, being torn apart as she attempted to drag him down, but after that the original Nirvash emerges for Naru and from the opening will take on a villain sort of role. There surely has to be an explanation for how it emerged completely unscathed, perhaps they aren’t exactly the same, however combining all these things I couldn’t really ignore this aspect of the episode. Any familiarity has been cast away.

In contrast to that however it was interesting to finally get some details as to what happened to Renton, which in some cases even serve to further redeem him from the impression we had around the start of this show. More so if how Eureka left can be taken as him rescuing her, once again I am in no way ruling out further time travel shenanigans but if it was him who came through the Scub Burst for her with his Nirvash like that he must have went through hell, and furthermore from what Fukai said about him he must have stuck around for at least a bit and must still be out there. Other than that it really feels as if things are starting to pick up after this episode, the Japanese appear to be attempting to forcifully annex Iwato, the plot with Naru and Truth is actually going somewhere, and some of the mysteries that have plagued this show are being touched upon. Lastly I really like the new opening and ending, the opening sounds a lot like the very first one.


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