Eureka Seven: AO 15

Ao somehow wakes up back with Generation Bleu where Alexander scolds him on working so much, Ao noting that the Allelujah and Kyrie’s Third Engines aren’t complete yet as some of the mechanics show Ao some new Nirvash exclusive parts they’ve added.

Been busy with mid-term assignments.

Around the same time Ivica and Rebecca go over the details of some of the past secrets and find that they are becoming all the more human in appearance, afterward Christophe speaks with someone who appears to be one of his shareholders, Big Blue World about the proclamation that the Japanese have made about the Secrets, who asks him about where they store all the Quartz they gather. Generation Bleu also appears to be undergoing a series of mandatory checkups with Hannah even staying to do them, Goldilocks also talk about Ao’s parentage while Fleur is concerned for him and Elena remains secretive. Following this Gazelle talks about Eureka with Hannah briefly, before he meets up with Ao to give him the sleeping pills he asked for, mentioning their island kinship and discuss what Eureka had said about the Secrets.

By this point the Japanese have also been able to communicate with the Secret they recovered and are attempting to teach it a human language to do so, Nakamura briefly meeting Juno and Pippo, while Pied Piper heads towards their next target. Ivica having some questions about the Scub and Quartz as Ao, Fleur, and Elena head out against another humanoid Secret, however when they face it they find that not only are ranged attacks useless but it also has the same sort of tracking lasers as the last one, catching Ao off guard and shooting him down. As a result of this Goldilocks are dispatched as support to defend a Trapar plant, Chloe appearing shocked at the news as Gazelle races in to retrieve Ao.

To make matters worse, Generation Bleu find themselves flooded with requests as all the Scub that they had already gathered the Quartz from reactivate, while Chloe meets Ao in the hospital and finds their situations reversed as she goes on to explain how she and her sister lived before joining Generation Bleu, and that she refuses to lose anyone again. To this Ao prepares to head out once more, this time answering Gazelle’s questions, and intending to act alone only to have his plan shot down by Ivica. Around this time Juno and Pippo with the help of Tanaka from the Allied Forces, have taken advantage of the confusion to have Georg translate some signals from the Secret. The Secret declaring that its actions in destroying the Scub and all alien matter are perfectly natural, and knowing the situation Christophe contacts his shareholder at Big Blue World and reveals what they do with the Quartz they gathered.

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In a few ways this episode felt as if it was on fast forward, after last week’s dramatic ending Ao somehow wakes up safe and sound in Switzerland? Yet regardless this was a good episode, I’ve said it a few times before but this show is really picking up now, the Secrets are being touched upon in a great way and some of the details of Christophe’s grand plan are finally coming to light.

To some extent even one of the themes of this episode itself could be considered to be the answering of questions that the series has been reluctant to answer, especially when you consider the position that Ao and Gazelle were in during it. Being there as well during that moment when Eureka (Ao’s mother) alluded to the true nature of the Secrets, Gazelle had been attempting to discuss it and everything else with Ao but found him reluctant to do so, and then as the episode nears its end instead of dismissing him all together he actually responds. Second to that Gazelle’s interactions with Ao were just nice in general, after Ao’s outburst he seems to have cut back on his arrogance and placed more emphasis on the sort of kinship that they have, where being from the same island they have to look out for one another.

Other than that the information, or better put confirmation, of the recent information about the Secrets was interesting as well, the idea about Secrets being guardians of sorts seems like its been done before but it was just that. There’s just something interesting about the idea of an outside force called upon like a universal white blood cell in response to alien matter, thus preventing any paradoxes, and then the shift to humanoid Secrets is another matter entirely. Does this mean that one’s going to be spat out like Truth, and further so why? Let alone the fact that every Secret from this point looks to be capable of launching Itano Circuses can’t be forgotten either. Another part that I liked about this episode was the use of Tanaka as well, who so far hasn’t exactly done much to deserve the amount of time he’s had in the past episodes, but in this one he comes to the forefront to back Juno and Pippo up, so just seeing his character actually being used for something was great.

Lastly there’s also the matter of Christophe and his plan, honestly the guy didn’t appear entirely honest the moment he showed up but the past episodes had changed that, despite whatever he had up his sleeve we could see that he loves his daughter but as a result of a hard decision knows that they can’t see eye to eye with one another. Serving to clear up his character a bit while still keeping him in the dark, however the revelations of this episode have given me those same suspicions that I had when he first showed up. Everything around Generation Bleu’s recovery and use of Quartz had been kept in the shadows and only now is it just coming to light with some connection to taking out the Secrets in one fell swoop, either way for the secrecy that has surrounded it from the start it was interesting to see his overall goals brought to light.


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