Sword Art Online 06

Upon Yoruko’s apparent death Kirito catches sight of the culprit and begins to pursue them, however they teleport away before he can get close to them.

After making it back Asuna berates him for being so reckless and Schmidtt falls into the belief that it really is Griselda’s ghost out to get them, due to the teleportation crystal however Kirito doubts this and as he eats the dinner Asuna had made for them he gets an idea as to what actually happened. The shattering of the item when he dropped it leading him to belief that Yoruko and Kain didn’t die at all, and simply teleported away when their armour’s durability ran out.

This indeed being revealed to be the case when Yoruko and Kain appear before Schmidtt as he prostrates himself before Griselda’s apparent gravestone, and as such he’s able to arrive just in time to save him as things turn sour. As while Yoruko and Kain had suspected him of murdering Griselda after his ascent to the Divine Dragons, the PKing guild Laughing Coffin arrives on the scene, but after bluffing that there are some thirty more players on the way to confront them they take off. From this Yoruko and Kain reveal that they had Grimlock reluctantly make them the weapons, and Kirito that something like a PK in a safe area was simply too out of place to be the case.

Back at the inn Kirito and Asuna talk of the nature of item drops and player inventories, Asuna explaining that in her guild it’s a rule that if a player receives an item after a battle they keep it no questions asked, and romantically noting that if two players are married in-game they can see each other’s inventories. As such there are no secrets between them. From this Kirito deduces that if one spouse dies, the remaining spouse keeps the shared items, and that therefore Grimlock must have the rare item that Golden Apple found. With this noted, Kirito tells the three members of Golden Apple this and suggests that Grimlock complied in order to draw suspicion away from himself and the group he employed, Laughing Coffin. Asuna then arriving with Grimlock who confirms such, that Griselda was his wife in real life but her change of personality and how she thrived within Aincrad drove him made.

In response to this however Asuna counters that he merely wanted to possess Griselda, causing him to break down with the three members of Golden Apple carry him away. And as the episode ends Asuna asks Kirito what he would do in Grimlock’s situation, him nervously responding that he would be lucky to see another side to the woman he loves, and as they are about to head back to their usual lives they catch a glimpse of Griselda’s ghost. Deciding to add each other to their friendlists.

Next Episode:

Once again since the preview is up, looks like it will be Lisbeth’s story and then into the main.


Well I must admit that I wasn’t expecting the reveal to turn out the way it did, I was expecting Grimlock to turn out to be the culprit however for Kain and Yoruko (Yolko seems more Engrish than anything else) to still be alive and the use of item expiry times was pretty clever. It was the sort of thing that I wasn’t expecting at all.

I mean I knew about the details of item expiry in Aincrad but I was expecting something else entirely, the expiry itself coinciding with teleporting away was something that I had never quite considered and alongside it that Yoruko and Kain were still alive and plotting. That said the fact that Grimlock was the culprit behind Griselda’s death wasn’t entirely hidden, the connection between them was enough of a give away, but more than anything however just how the episode dealt with him was kind of shocking. He openly admits to murdering his wife for some frivolous reason and he’s allowed to walk off with Yoruko, Kain, and Schmidtt, in some weak attempt to brighten the ending up. He was clearly unstable and yet he faces few repercussions for his actions, the sort of message that this sends is just disturbing.

Beyond that however it was great to see Laughing Coffin brought into the picture, I know that they won’t be explicitly dealt with in Aincrad but they’re the sort of vile villains that this series needs. They’re skilled at what they do, have an intimidating and revolting atmosphere to them, and most of all they don’t really seem to have a discernible motive, some could do it for financial reasons but for the most part they seem to simply divulge in PKing because they get off on it. They’re not exactly the sort of villains who have the ability to take a major role in the story as a whole but seeing Kirito putting an end to their acts could make for an interesting story.

Other than that as cute as it could be seen as, it was a little weird to see Asuna speak about marriage the way she did, she’s a teenage girl and in some part how romantically she talked about it could be seen to reflect that a bit, but even so you have to admit that there was some element of seriousness in it when she talked about it. Given the way that the anime has been organised I’m liking how the things that led to her liking him are being touched upon beforehand, the pacing for them not so much, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing two people their age would talk about. Furthermore it’s the sort of thing that would clumsily force their relationship as opposed to actually detailing it. That said however in terms of interactions between her and Kirito this episode wasn’t all that bad.


2 Responses to Sword Art Online 06

  1. feal87 says:

    To be honest, I really didn’t like the “we forgive you because you were crazy” approach of this story, especially considering how there is no “controlling police” to stop the killing to happen.
    He deserved to die for all the pain and machinations he created around his “friends” and its such a shame nobody thought to deliver judgement…:|

    For the rest yes, I agree with you that the interactions between Kirito and Asuna were good. I was somehow expecting a declaration when he grabbed Asuna at the end…:P

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    By this point it should have been touched upon already, but there kind of is, early on some guy formed a group dedicated to keeping peace and effectively acting for the benefit of all the other players. As such weak players or those who had gone broke flocked to it for pay and food, and it numbers around 3000 as of the main story. Of course it’s also incredibly corrupt and faction orientated because of that.

    Either way however I can’t agree with you anymore, Grimlock still got off way too easily, he committed one of the worst crimes that anyone could commit and there’s just no justice in what happens to him. What pissed me off about it though was how they severely underplayed it, Asuna sharply responds, uplifting music starts playing as his friends help him up, the sun rises, and then a ghost is shown in a bright and happy way to tie it all together. When you consider everything just before that it’s simply disgusting. Dealing with him however would have been difficult.

    Not just yet, you have to remember that it’s generally Asuna who takes the initiative between them as well, I’m almost tempted to believe that she purposely planned out the meal they shared in the town square.

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