Eureka Seven: AO 18

Having decided to go with the Allied Forces, Ao boards the USS Ronald Regan and meets Colonel Nick Tanaka who notes himself to be half Japanese and half Hawaiian, while back at Generation Bleu’s headquarters Fleur and Elena oversee the work of their Third Engines. However they’re unable to keep them running.

Following this Fleur returns home resolving to activate her Third Engine and is taken by surprise when Elena bursts out of the bathtub and after sharing a few mysterious words, attempts to drag her in, Fleur seems to be overly conscious of the scar she received from the accident eight years earlier however. Back on Ao’s side of things Tanaka attempts to convince him to join them, presenting evidence against Christophe, declaring that the power he has must be used in the interest of all, and revealing that Eureka had fought with them as well.

With his reaction recorded Tanaka then sends it to Pied Piper who are in the middle of planning out a rescue operation, knowing that they wouldn’t only be going up against the full might of the Allied Forces but would be cutting their American funding back. Around this point Ao contacts Ivica to apologise for his decision and that they will be better off without them, Ivica of course refuses to accept this. Having overheard this, Fleur passes on this news to Elena but when she says that they should forget about him, Elena has something of a breakdown. Confronting her on denying the truth before pulling out Miller’s wig and asking her why she didn’t ask her about it and declaring that she had killed Miller. After this fight Fleur runs to Gazelle but is thrown back when she finds that he’s more interested in Rebecca.

Following which she heads to the hanger and changes into her pilot suit, looking briefly upon her scar and being reminded of how Elena had picked up on it and had attempted to console her. Not too long after this she finds out that Elena intends to bring Ao back alone even if her Kyrie couldn’t make the journey and moves to stop her, their Third Engines activating just as they’re able to resolve things. Back on Ao’s side of things Ao begins to have doubts when two IFOs are spotted closing in on them, both Fleur and Elena arriving swiftly enough to prevent the Allied Forces from retaliating and asking what he feels. As such he declares that he wants to head back and even with Tanaka pointing a gun at him, boards the Nirvash and grabs the Quartz Gun. Shortly after this however, Fleur and Elena’s Third Engines start to crap out just as the rest of Pied Piper arrives to pick them up. And in the end Generation Bleu are denounced as terrorists, Christophe still being proud of his daughter’s actions and standing by Ivica’s belief in the Piper, while Gazelle appears to welcome putting Generation Bleu against the world.

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A little light if I do say myself but still a nice episode, the story continues to advance forward and at the same time we saw some great characterisation for the likes of Fleur and Elena. Both developing and resolving things between them while both bringing them closer with a good dose of craziness from Elena.

It probably had to do with Ao’s lack of action in this episode that forced Fleur to carry it instead but that light feeling isn’t something I can really ignore, in contrast to the past two episodes Ao didn’t really do anything in this episode, Noah’s kind of an exception but even he seemed more energetic than Ao. Ao overcame reservations that he had for sticking with Pied Piper, but he spent most of his time moping and with Tanaka who was attempting to sway him to their side, not really that much all things considered. Interestingly enough on his side though, was that Maggie as the pilot for the Allied Forces? Given that we were able to see Chloe and Maeve again it would be nice if it was, let alone it would give the Allied Forces some representation other than Tanaka.

Moving on, considering Ao’s position this really felt like Fleur’s episode as she effectively took control and while she tried hard not to show it, she was kind of at a loss without him. Along with that it was also interesting to see how self-conscious she is about the scar on her stomach, as a direct reminder of how she lost her mother there really isn’t much to say about it, but it was an interesting reveal in how it places things like this and the one-piece swimsuit she was wearing a few episodes back  into perspective. Other than that it was also good to see the seemingly forgotten thing between her and Gazelle brought up and then thrown out entirely, thus tying up a loose end from the start.

Along with the role that Fleur played in this episode it was also nice to see the relationship that she has with Elena expanded upon, from what we could assume in the past, as members of the same team they were friends who hanged out together and were close but there didn’t seem to be much depth to it. However this episode seemed to add that, Elena was shown as if she was someone who accepted Fleur for her self-consciousness and even tried to cheer her up, while Fleur proved herself to be the same for her, crazy and all. The only downside was probably how their Third Engines were suggested to be powered by outbursts of emotion/angst and such. It isn’t that bad and doesn’t feel that out of place when you think about it but I’m still not entirely fond of it. Lastly it was also interesting to see the direction that the series is heading in, with the Secrets removed it needed something else, though it has to be asked by Gazelle wants Generation Bleu to go to war with a good part of the world.


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