Eureka Seven: AO 19

In the lead up to confronting Generation Bleu the Allied Forces unviel the fortress class IFO they had been developing named after President Abraham Lincoln, while Generation Bleu begins to feel the heat as their contracts with outside companies are severed.

Now back to playing Dark Souls, some poorly thought out joke regarding the suffering nature of the game goes here.

Demanding answers for this, Ivica heads to Christophe who instead talks with the Secret infected Georg to make preparations in the event of his death before meeting him. By this point Ivica has been explaining the origins of Generation Bleu to Fleur and Ao, who then go on to confront Christophe on their actions in the previous episode before Christophe reveals his intentions for Generation Bleu to subdue the Scub from this point on. Following this Nakamura watches a report on Generation Bleu being forced to restructure themselves as a company but is interrupted when Truth shows up and starts ranting about the Quartz Gun. In response to this the Secret reveals that they’re simply holding back at this point and hits him with the revelation that he too is a Secret.

Now conflicted by his origins he goes to Naru who confirms such, that he was the Secret that emerged ten years ago over Okinawa but having lost his purpose took a human form, then being found by Johansson. Then going on to say that humans becoming one with the Scub would be beneficial for humanity, to this however Truth attempts to attack her but finds his attack blocked by the Scub, and now facing an existential crisis along with how he’s effectively been led along by Naru he heads to space. Smashing together multiple satellites to create a storm of debris that engulfs and destroys Generation Bleu’s Poseidon, and with it the members of Team Harlequin. In the aftermath of this the Allied Forces have taken this as a hostile act by Generation Bleu and are about to respond accordingly, Tanaka meeting with the pilot from the previous episode, Maggie Kwan.

At this point however Generation Bleu is powerless to even defend themselves as they work about rolling back the Secret infected Georg, leaving the Triton and their IFOs inopperable as they move in. Aside from this news of Team Harlequin’s fate has arrived leaving them bitterly seeking revenge while the Allied Forces announce their intentions to seize control of the Quartz Gun and remaining Quartz to the world. Following which Ao, Fleur, and Elena talk as they suit up, Elena making an Eva reference and admitting that she’s from the same world as Eureka and will be counting on Ao to take her back with him. Even after this though Georg hasn’t been completely restored so they still can’t do anything, Christophe approaching Fleur with an escape plan for the two of them, Fleur however knows that her father would never do this and meets him next to the Quartz Gun. Shooting him to reveal Truth in disguise.

Just as things take a turn for the worst the real Christophe arrives just in time to save his daughter and Ao, and entrusting them with correcting his mistake of destroying the Secrets, heads back in to confront Truth one on one. Shooting at him a few times before unveiling a trap he had up his sleeve, taking advantage of the reaction that occurs when Secrets and Quartz collide by hitting Truth with the remaining Quartz as he looks upon a picture of his wife and daughter.

Next Episode:


The references to Eva just keep coming but this episode really took me by surprise. Going with those comparisons I was expecting a raid on the headquarters in either this or within the next few episodes. Instead however we see Harlequin brutally killed off, Christophe making a heroic sacrifice, and the mystery surrounding Truth cleared up before apparently taking him out too.

When you look at it that way it’s really a lot to take in, take Harlequin’s death for example, we barely knew these characters and given that they replaced Goldilocks in the opening with some shiny new IFOs likely expected that they would play a bigger role later down the line. Yet in a matter of seconds they were nonchalantly killed off. It was something that we and even to a certain extent, them as well couldn’t have foreseen, and while with the Quartz Gun their fate isn’t entirely set in stone the suddenness of it hit me pretty hard for how minor their characters were. In terms of story it does serve to corner Generation Bleu as the Allied Forces make their move, so that’s interesting as well I guess.

Before that it was also great to see the questions that have plagued Truth’s character answered and with it his character undergo a serious existential crisis, where by he found the answers to his origins and true purpose but couldn’t really seem to stand them and how he had been manipulated by Naru and the Scub. These origins weren’t exactly hidden as there were all sorts of things that pointed to him being related to the Secrets, and later to the very Secret that had shown up over Okinawa and defeated by Eureka, but it was good to see them confirmed and Truth actually realise them. The end result was just incredibly satisfying, an incredibly annoying albeit interesting character has some mysteries cleared and at the same time has what can only be summed up as a childish tantrum over his origins.

More than anything however, Christophe’s actions in this episode really stole the show in this episode as he took Truth down a notch and made a heroic last stand that surprised me more than Harlequin’s fate. It was simply awesome to see him take on Truth and get the last laugh as he activated his trap, even looking upon a photo of Fleur and her mother in his last moments, but he was a character who also seemed as if he had a role to play down the line.  He’s been crucial for the plot so far and that didn’t seem like it was going to change, let alone while Fleur‘s opinion of him would have changed they didn’t have a chance to reconcile. Either way the plot still seems as if it will move forward in a nice direction regardless, alongside the Allied Forces raiding Generation Bleu’s headquarters in the next episode we also saw Elena be open with what’s been troubling her and Maggie being back was confirmed, it’s just a shame that Christophe couldn’t take Truth out for good.


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