Eureka Seven: AO 20

With the resulting explosion from Christophe’s sacrifice heard throughout, Elena spots the prototype IFOs that Goldilocks would pilot, and Ao finds that some part of the Secret corrupted Georg remains in his terminal. Explaining that Christophe had set off the Quartz to kill Truth, a Secret, Fleur taking it rather heavily.

To Ivica and the others, conflicted as to whether they should hand the Quartz Gun to the Allied Forces or fight to protect it, the Georg in Ao’s terminal offers them the answer as Ao refuses to hand it over. As such they set about reinstalling this Georg in order to get the Triton moving, Elena telling Ao to use the Quartz Gun but he firmly refuses as he heads out to retrieve it. From Rebecca’s hesitances towards this Gazelle suspects that she could intend to return to Big Blue World and confronts her on it, while Ivica manages to dispel them by noting his will to support the children and personally asking her to restore Georg.

With the residents evacuated and still no response from Generation Bleu, the Allied Forces then begin their attack on the headquarters and quickly tear through its defences. At the same time Ao insists that Ivica launch the Triton while he retrieves the Quartz Gun, his third engine spontaneously reacting to the Quartz Gun and all the remaining Quartz, taking the Allied Forces by surprise as it rapidly surges to the surface. The Triton launching just as the headquarter’s catapult collapses. No longer afraid of the repercussions from it, Ao then makes a run for the Quartz Gun and having absorbed all of the Quartz, uses it to target Tanaka. Before he can fire however shots rain down and stop him as Harlequin is revealed to have narrowly survived, but has defected to the Allied Forces.

Begrudgingly accepting this as their primary cause is lost, Ivica orders that Ao return and soon after he meets with Fleur, worried that she couldn’t contact Elena since they launched. When they open her IFO’s cockpit however they a dakimakura of herself instead, as Elena is revealed to have stayed behind, donned a mask, and then playing out a grand betrayal of sorts. Before she can properly do this though, something begins to crawl out of the ruins of the headquarters, the white version of TheEnd being blown away as a black machine emerges from the depths. Hannah revealing that it had come with a Scub Burst and wreaked havoc across Siberia before being stopped. On top of this however, Truth is revealed to have somehow survived and become one with this machine, gleefully tearing the Allied Forces apart.

Back on Pied Piper’s side of things they now find themselves effectively alone, with only Faisal Arabia who they had helped in the past offering them aid and other countries fearful of provoking the United States. At this point though they are contacted by the Japanese who reveal themselves to be the middlemen for the contract Christophe made with the Secrets to make up for his mistake, causing Fleur to break down in tears as he declares that the only thing he can give her is a future after everything he’s taken from her. As such they offer them support.

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By no means did this episode manage to top off Christophe’s heroic sacrifice from last week but it still provided some interesting developments. Particularly those regarding TheEND and Generation Bleu’s current splintered stance as the main group following their own path while another sides with the Allied Forces.

TheEND’s role in this probably being the most prominent part about this episode, throughout it and this series as a whole we were and have been constantly baited with it. There were multiple moments in this episode where you were expecting it to burst out and start tearing stuff up (potentially piloted by Elena). However instead it shows up for a single second and is obliterated by Truth who somehow managed to survive, serving as little more than a red herring and another attempt by the series to sever the ties with its prequel alongside the sinking of the Gekkostate. That said however at this point I’m even loosely considering the possiblity that Truth might somehow end up evolving into TheEND, he’s annoying but he’s now merged with a machine that has a similar sort of colour scheme and if I remember right their abilities are kind of similar as well.

Towards the end of the episode it was also strange to see Pied Piper team up with the Japanese, not so much considering that the series is Japanese made but considering how they had been portrayed prior it’s almost ironic. Things did seem to ease up between them and Generation Bleu around the time that Pippo and Juno went to the conference but through the likes of Nakamura the Japan we saw appeared highly militaristic and directly against Generation Bleu. It’s nice and all but it’s just strange to think that the only one Pied Piper can fall back upon when the world turns against them is Japan because of this. Other than that Fleur breaking down as much as she did was pretty heavy. Either way however it’s probably just another example of the early rewrites and it should be fun to see Ao and company take on the Scub soon, hopefully when Ao comes face to face with Naru we’ll get to see the Itano Circus that was teased in the opening.

Alongside that seeing Harlequin miraculously survive was really surprising, it’s likely that they did have one more shuttle but the one we saw in the last episode was shredded to pieces and to top it off even if there was an extra one it was all too sudden for them to escape anyway. Everything pointed to them being nonchalantly killed off to spark conflict but then they come back with their shiny new IFOs, having made a deal with the Allied Forces. From there though Elena’s actions in this episode were probably more interesting, as I’ve already mentioned I was expecting her to board TheEND and tear stuff up, but instead she dons a mask and attempts to play the villain. It really just makes me wonder what she’s up to.


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