Eureka Seven: AO 21

In response to Japan deciding to aid Pied Piper the Allied Forces dispatch a carrier but find themselves cut off by three Secrets before they can enter Japanese waters. Around the same time, Fleur having inherited her father’s duties is faced with the matter of assigning another pilot to the Kyrie after Elena’s disappearance.

Alongside wondering just how easily she has accepted her father’s death, Rebecca and Gazelle have also been able to track Elena down to an Allied Forces base on Guam, while at this point she happens to be looking over their pilots and finding that many are adults. Maggie explaining that while she was raised around a trapar plant in Hong Kong, the others instead are Coral Carriers, the results of experiments conducted to merge human and Scub. Something which instantly takes her interest. Having previously patroled alongside them, Ao has dinner with a fellow pilot and further finds that Japan lacks FPs.

Back on Iwato, Naru returns home to meet her family but her job appears to keep her busy, Hannah meeting with her to draw a correlation between her and Coral Carriers before she moves on to help a protest pushing for the freedom of the Scub. In Japan the agreement with Pied Piper is announced and celebrated, a drunk Nakamura running into Fleur and having to be helped away by Gazelle, at the same time revealing himself to be Okinawan. Going on to confide his doubts in the worlds mistaken state. Around this point Maggie touches the IFO that Elena had brought with her and has some flashes of Goldilocks, Elena then going on to ask her about it and note her current state just as Eureka shows up. Who as Elena confronts her, asks where Ao is before giving some answers surrounding her past, that as opposed to coming with her Elena had been saved from a Scub Burst in this time by Eureka and had only caught a glimpse her time.

Having stayed at the pilot’s apartment at the base, Ao awakes to find him praying for his late wife and children, explaining that she had been Okinawan and that they had been killed by a Secret visiting there. Shortly after this they head off for a Scub Burst in Indonesia, they and the Allied Forces arriving just as the Secrets destroy each other as a sign of trust towards Pied Piper. Ao then uses the Quartz Gun to retrieve the Quartz but finds himself confronted by Elena, the Nirvash automatically locking onto her as she opens fire, Elena going on to have an outbust of sorts. As such he attempts to dissarm her but Maggie throws herself between them, confirming what Eureka had said about her past, but Elena *refuses to acknowledge it as such a simple answer is boring.

Furthermore she believes that she has to be something else. To this however Ao declares that either way she’s part of the family he found and asks her to come back, Elena finally accepting her past. Before the episode can end however, Truth emerges urging Ao to fire the Quartz Gun.


For one thing I must admit that it was great to see such solid and surprising development for Elena’s character, with it her character has been effectively cleared up, however at the same time with only three to four episodes left I’m questioning just why it was left so late. Stuff does happen but at the same time it doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

Simply put the sort of stuff that happened in this episode, while interesting, just seems really counter intuitive when you consider how many episodes the show has left. Things have to be resolved, but at the same time the amount of time that the series has to do this and wrap everything up is rapidly running out. I mean we did learn some interesting things in this episode, like how Nakamura is surprisingly Okinawan and seeing Naru at home with her family was nice as well, but when it comes down to it everything in this episode and all that really happened pertained to Elena, solving her character and eventually Ao bringing her back after leaving for a single episode.

That said however the revelations that came from it were great, as crazy as Elena is, her belief that she was from the same world as Eureka being entirely in her head was never something I quite considered. Furthermore given her personality of preferring to live in a fantasy world instead of confronting the world before her for what it is, the fact that her being from Eureka’s time wasn’t true is quite inline with her character in a rather sad way. She’s a girl who seriously believing herself to be too boring, puts together a complex fantasy that she fervently believes must be right to change that. Furthermore that last shot is just heartbreaking, the life that she dreams about is right before her but it will never be hers.

So as to avoid talking about Truth and what can only be torture from the writers to keep him around and further derail the show by bursting into the episode at the last-minute as a flying tin can, I liked the view we got of Japan early in this episode. I’m still finding the sudden turn around of what were the most antagonistic group up until the halfway point a little hard to believe but the impression we got was interesting none the less, we saw that they still retained their usual habits and traditions, and that they weren’t that bad either. To some extent it even reminded me of how the same had been done to present Okinawa/Ryukyu in the series, and it served as a nice way of de-villainising the Japanese.


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