Eureka Seven: AO 22

Just as Ao is able to convince Elena to come back, Truth bursts back in and reveals himself to be in a similar state as Eureka as he declares himself to be from a world without Scub or Secrets. From this he wastes little time in pursuing Ao and the Quartz Gun, knocking Elena and Maggie out of the sky with ease.

Renton finally shows up and then there’s vague hiatus, just great.

Back in Japan the Secret notes that Truth was originally a Secret but doesn’t exactly appear to consider him such anymore. At the same time Ao appears to have had more than enough of him but his cluster missiles are countered when Truth begins to aggravate the Trapar in the air, the Secret noting that Ao is unable to combat it as his Nirvash lacks a heart. As a result of this Truth quickly gains the upper hand and Ao spirals to the ground, being saved by Naru before Truth can get to him. As such Ao and his Nirvash emerge back on Iwato with Naru at his side.

Following this Pied Piper helps rescue the fallen Allied Forces pilots but find that the Coral Carriers conditions have worsened as a result of Truth aggravating the Trapar, Elena returns but finds that they’ve effectively tacked the Secret now onto her Kyrie, and Truth continues his rampage towards Okinawa. During this both the Secret and Naru explain Truth’s backstory, the former taking a more romantic approach to it through a naive Secret losing its purpose and strongly believing that there is no Scub Coral in the true world while the latter describes Truth as a Secret infected by the Scub. Having said this Naru doesn’t want Ao to fight Truth as they’re the same. Alongside this Ao mentions how Naru must like Truth now and she’s angry that he would even think that, the fact that he thinks of her as an older sister only making it worse. Harlequin manages to pull him out of this situation though.

Hannah going on to explain that many Okinawans are now Coral Carriers and what it could mean if Truth and the Canon close in, Naru left distraught that what had given her wings could lead to such but standing by it. After which Ao and Naru share a moment alone together with Ao noting how neither of them have really changed and affirming that he must defeat Truth, Naru noting that his Nirvash doesn’t possess an archtype. Throughout all of this Fukai also notes some disdain for drawing lines between humans and the Scub for what it means for Ao and Naru. Following this Okinawa is put under alert as Truth continues his rampage, Team Harlequin, Pied Piper, and the Secrets working together to combat him, however seemingly distraught as to just what he is Truth destroys the latter. Ao and Naru arriving with their respective Nirvash just in time.

While in a far-flung post-apocalyptic world, a now grown up Renton Thurston explores the wreckage and upon spotting a Seven Swell in the distance, calls forth his Nirvash and plunges into it in hope of uniting with Eureka.


A good episode alone for Renton popping up in the last few minutes and giving the impression that he’ll be catching up with the others, it’s really just a shame that the Olympics airing a few months back delegated this show to ambiguous hiatus territory. Bones aren’t exactly Shaft, so I don’t expect them to keep us waiting longer than the show had aired for but it’s still kind of disappointing right after this development.

I mean it may give the impression that we actually want the old cast to hijack the show but as with Eureka, Renton has been a character we had really been anticipating, we wanted to see how the kid from Eureka Seven grew up after he manned up at the end. As the episodes slowly began to ran out the chance of that even happening seemed to decline however. So for one thing it was simply great to see him in the last few minutes, and I must admit that he looks awesome, having grown into semi-white haired gun-toting badass in some seemingly apocalyptic far future. Through being voiced by Keiji Fujiwara similarities between Holland and who he is now could even be drawn, he pretty much grew into his hero.

If there’s one thing that I’m unsure about however it’s Truth’s role in this episode, in the sense that he just won’t die and has hijacked the plot for no  good reason. I’ve already noted my suspicions that he could be the eventual TheEND and he has had some good development to explain how messed up he is, but it still feels kind of poor to have him derail things as the show runs out of episodes quick. It’s almost as if he’s just being shoved in our faces for the sake of it. That said his new ability to aggravate Trapar is interesting and it also ensures that he fits in with the Scub being the villain and harbringer of doom in this show, allowing him to serve as one last obstacle for Ao.

Also I must admit that I loved how this episode attempted to redeem Naru, she’s sadly never had a strong presence in the show after Ao left Iwato and even when she did appear it was as some self-righteous and cold girl who just wasn’t the Naru we had come to know, but this episode showed that she hadn’t really changed, best represented by how she removed her hairclips. That girl who cried when Ao left was still there and ironically enough she even got mad that Ao would even thinking that she had paired up with Truth, in some sense getting mad at the viewers for thinking such as well. The only thing that really stands against her is that Ao has effectively sister-zoned her, she had a lot of potential for such before but if Ao ends up with any girl it’s likely going to be Fleur now.


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