Nisemonogatari 11 (END)

March 27, 2012

Beginning with an explanation for how Tsukihi in a phoenix granted human form destined to reincarnate once she lives out a natural life, and that while she may not be aware of it she is in truth an imposter, things start to advance when Karen arrives back and finds their house in its current condition.

Hard to believe I’ve had a good two thirds of this written up for a while now, but alas back to what I was doing.

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Nisemonogatari 10

March 16, 2012

Araragi’s attempts to study are interrupted when Shinobu greets him with an important matter indeed, that Mr Donuts is having a sale where everything costs 100 yen each. So with her unrelentingly insisting on going herself, he gives in and decides to take her there.

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Nisemonogatari 09

March 6, 2012

Having managed to escape Tsukihi’s onslaught of awls Araragi decides to keep his word to introduce Karen to Kanbaru, and on their way over to her house Karen offers to teach him how to always win at rock-paper-scissors.

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Nisemonogatari 08

February 29, 2012

As he attempts to study Araragi is interrupted by a now rather loving Karen, shocked to find her in something that just doesn’t go with her at all, a skirt.

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Nisemonogatari 07

February 22, 2012

Not that long after the last episode left off Araragi finally manages to catch up with Karen, but she isn’t going to go down without a fight. Treating her now slightly weakened condition as if it’s her best as she starts to pummel her brother.

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Nisemonogatari 06

February 16, 2012

With his attempt to transfer the symptoms from the Flame Wreath Bee proving only to be partially successful, Araragi is on his way to Senjougahara’s place when he runs into Hachikuji, and instead of greeting her in his usual fashion he keeps the oath he made and greets her normally. Disappointing her.

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Nisemonogatari 05

February 10, 2012

After finishing his bath Araragi meets up with Tsukihi who after trying to dodge the issue a bit, explaining the her term “Platinum Mad”, asking if he has any regrets, and next why he has hardly any friends. Not even waiting for his answer, before he recounts what he heard about Karen’s confrontation with Kaiki.

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