Kintama 256

October 29, 2012

The situation between Gintoki and Kintoki intensifies as the latter brands anyone who sides with the former to be an enemy alongside him, taking Tsukuyo, Kyuubei, and Sacchan’s pleas to trust them as his friends as such.

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Kintama 255

October 25, 2012

Faced with a possible threat to his illusion, Kintoki brutally crushes Tama only to have Gintoki show up before he can finish her off.

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Kintama 254

October 18, 2012

With Gintoki still in shock that Kintoki is a robot, Tama explains how Gengai’s plans to build an assistant had gradually evolved into creating the perfect leader for the Yorozuya while he was on vacation, the blonde straight-haired Kintoki being the end result.

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Kintama 253

October 6, 2012

Having just got back from a six month vacation, Gintoki returns home but finds that he’s not exactly the protagonist anymore, that the other characters have replaced him with his blonde perfectly straight-haired antithesis, Sakata Kintoki.

Well this took me by surprise. Also Nakamura Yuuichi as Kintoki is just brilliant.

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Second Gintama Movie Announced

August 23, 2012

Not much other than it being greenlit and that the story will be an entirely new one written by Hideaki Sorachi himself seems to be confirmed so far, which in itself is enough to get me interested already. Sorachi writes nice stories and the anime has never disappointed when Sunrise have been they’ve been given the freedom to do original stuff.


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Gintama 252 (END?)

April 1, 2012

With another year at an end the Yorozuya take to reusing the footage of them sitting around the Kotatsu for the sixth as they prepare to end the show. Having only one thing to say, they’re sorry.

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Gintama 251

March 24, 2012

With a failed attempt at a New Year’s greeting, where Shinpachi points out the flaws and the others stare at him for it, things pick up with a somewhat appropriate episode to follow a New Year’s special. Finding the Yorozuya once more drawn to their Kotatsu after Gintoki trades their old one in for a new one.

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