Steins;Gate 25

February 29, 2012

Sometime after the events of the final episode, Okabe, Hashida, Mayuri, and Ruka decide to go on a trip to Los Angeles when Feyris enters a tournament over there. Of course this will also give them a chance to meet up with Kurisu over there.

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Steins;Gate 24 (EL PSY CONGROO)

September 15, 2011

During the preparation stages for Operation Skuld,  Suzuha finds that she won’t be able to head back if she fails but Okabe assures her  that neither of them will fail.

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Steins;Gate 23

September 11, 2011

Suzuha’s attempts to coerce Okabe to help her stop WWIII fall on deaf ears as he refuses to give up what little he managed to salvage after countless time leaps and Kurisu’s sacrifice, however when she tells him that her goal this time is to save her he changes his mind. As part of this plan their goal is to reach a worldline regarded as the Steins Gate.

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Steins;Gate 22

September 2, 2011

This time the one found lying on a rooftop is Kurisu, who Okabe finds at the radio building where she was stabbed in the Beta worldline.

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Steins;Gate 21

August 27, 2011

Just as Hashida is about to start cracking SERN’s database, Okabe having realised what returning to the Beta worldline would mean that Kurisu would die instead, stops him.

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Steins;Gate 20

August 20, 2011

Upon learning of the IBM 5100’s location in a coin locker Okabe wastes no time in grabbing his crowbar but Kurisu affirms that it may not be possible to even attain it unless specific conditions are met. Leading to the decision to stake it out instead.

I hate it when wordpress eats my posts. But anyway I did not see this coming.

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Steins;Gate 19

August 12, 2011

While the course of events at the lab appear to be going normally looks to be feeling down, and when Kurisu pulls him aside he tells her that tomorrow will be the day that Mayuri dies and tells her everything. And in order to negate the Dmail that Moeka sent, it’s decided that he’ll look for her while she watches over Mayuri.

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