Thermae Romae 03 through to 06 (END)

February 4, 2012

Around two years after the events of the first episode Lucius visits his friend Marcus, who as a stone mason is busy having to churn out statues to commemorate Antonius, the Emperor’s lover who had recently drowned in the Nile. Of course this Greek behaviour of Hadrian‘s was generally looked down upon by Romans so his reputation was also tarnished a bit by it.

Finally got this out.

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Thermae Romae 01 and 02

January 13, 2012

In the year 128 AD in the reign of Hadrian, known for Hadrian’s Wall and as the third of Rome’s Good Emperors, an architect known as Lucius has his designs criticised as being far too primitive in a time when the people of Rome are beginning to favour innovation and novelty.

An anime partially set in ancient Rome? Picked up.

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