Dark Souls II Trailer

December 9, 2012


Kind of vague but there’s still so much that can be speculated about. It looks like a prequel set during Gwyn’s war against the dragons however I still wouldn’t put it past From Software doing a complete revamp, no matter how similar things appear. And if it is indeed a prequel then there’s the matter of just who the characters could be, the apparent hero’s face off with the dragon looks pretty familiar to say the least and we must also consider just why the apparent Lord’s Blades are hunting him.

Either way with so little information out there really isn’t much conclusive that can be said. Hopefully From Software and company will keep the difficulty similar to Dark Souls itself, unrelentingly brutal but still easy if you take the time to sit down and think with enough ways out if you know what you’re doing (upgrading/summoning).

The official site and trailer.


Pokemon Black 2 and White 2: Intro Movie

May 16, 2012

Words cannot describe how awesome this is, Best Wishes is actually surprisingly decent, it’s almost like watching the original series, but why can’t the anime be like this? There’s also Pokemon Special, but the story of Black and White really would have transferred well. But anyway, with the casting (while Shizuka Itou didn’t voice Belle like in Best Wishes, Hiroshi Kamiya for N, Junichi Suwabe for Akuroma, and is that Miyuki Sawashiro I hear for Kamitsure/Elesa? Among others easily surpass it) and just the general style of it all I’m hyped.

EDIT: Added screencaps and uploaded a rip to mediafire.

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Fate/Extra – Round 1

November 23, 2011

This game may have already been out for over a week, and over a year or so in Japanese, but I figured I may as well put the near non-existant video games category that I have but don’t use to use by doing a review of sorts of it. Stating my, somewhat lengthy, impressions and thoughts on it as I do so. And despite the Saber > Archer > Caster difficulty levels, I’ll be doing a Caster run.

And if I even go beyond this post, I wonder how far I’ll get…

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Fate/Extra to receive a North American release

July 4, 2011

Just when I was starting to believe that this game would never be localised Aksys comes through and licenses it, I may have already played the game in Japanese (Tamamo is love) but it’s going to be great to get an English copy of the game. It’s just a shame that the limited edition won’t come with come with the Saber figma that the Japanese one did.

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TM Ace vol 4 announced

October 27, 2009


Looks like this issue will be focused around Fate/Extra and the Unlimited Blade Works movie where the last issue was mainly Mahoyo and Melty Blood focused. Hopefully it’ll contain some information on the Tsukihime remake.

So I’m guessing this will be released sometime December.

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Insert typical fanboy stuff here…

July 26, 2009


Looks like the third volume of Type-Moon Ace will be released on the 21st of August this year, and obviously from the cover it will contain new information on Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.

Along with stuff on Fate/Zero, Melty Blood: Actress Again, the PSP port for Fate/Unlimited Codes, the seventh Kara no Kyoukai movie and CANAAN. Generally what you can see on the cover above…

Assassin’s Creed 2 E3 Trailer

June 3, 2009

The trailer for Assassin’s Creed 2 from E3.
Apparently in this game the Protagonist, Ezio Auditore di Firenze will be able to swim.
Aside from that there also appears to be more variation, so hopefully it won’t get too repetitious like the previous game.
EDIT: Added a game play video and an interview between the creative director, Patrice Desilets and gamespot from youtube.
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