Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 12 (END)

December 30, 2011

The Kazama Family arrive on the scene and one by one begin to take on Shakadou and the Itagaki Family as well as the delinquents they had recruited. And alongside it all Momoyo fights Takae again once and for all.

Finally got this out, why did the ending have to be so bad?

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Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 11

December 15, 2011

Following everything that happened in the last episode as well as Momoyo’s declaration, Yamato appears to have been able to return to the dorm yet appears to be away from the table as Cap fills Gen in on what’s happened, mentioning that Hideo has sworn to fix Cookie no matter what.

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Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 10

December 12, 2011

As the others make their way to where Momoyo and Takae are fighting it out their train abruptly stops, seeing just how serious the situation is as they spot Yamato fly in on Cookie. Managing to turn things in Momoyo’s favour by taking down Takae’s support, Saki.

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Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 09

December 3, 2011

Having recently awoken from his coma, the other members of the Kazama Family talk about how Yamato is doing while the girls appear to be in a stalemate of sorts, where the first one to leave will be seen as going to visit him first and therefore taken down by the others.

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Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai 08

November 25, 2011

Tachibana Takae deflects Momoyo’s attack into the city before the two of them clash in an explosive onslaught of punches and kicks. And while Momoyo takes some damage she focuses some of her life energy into accelerating her regenerative abilities.

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Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 07

November 20, 2011

Without anyone to challenge her Momoyo quickly grows restless, so she sets about challenging her grandfather but soon grows tired with the idea.

As I’ve said before, I hate it when wordpress eats my posts.

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Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai 06

November 9, 2011

As Yamato plans to watch a certain video tape he finds that his television has been hijacked by Miyako in yet another one of her ploys to seduce him. After which the Kazama family are shown meeting at their base about preparations for a festival coming up.

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