Eureka Seven: AO 22

October 2, 2012

Just as Ao is able to convince Elena to come back, Truth bursts back in and reveals himself to be in a similar state as Eureka as he declares himself to be from a world without Scub or Secrets. From this he wastes little time in pursuing Ao and the Quartz Gun, knocking Elena and Maggie out of the sky with ease.

Renton finally shows up and then there’s vague hiatus, just great.

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Eureka Seven: AO 21

October 1, 2012

In response to Japan deciding to aid Pied Piper the Allied Forces dispatch a carrier but find themselves cut off by three Secrets before they can enter Japanese waters. Around the same time, Fleur having inherited her father’s duties is faced with the matter of assigning another pilot to the Kyrie after Elena’s disappearance.

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Eureka Seven: AO 20

September 20, 2012

With the resulting explosion from Christophe’s sacrifice heard throughout, Elena spots the prototype IFOs that Goldilocks would pilot, and Ao finds that some part of the Secret corrupted Georg remains in his terminal. Explaining that Christophe had set off the Quartz to kill Truth, a Secret, Fleur taking it rather heavily.

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Eureka Seven: AO 19

September 11, 2012

In the lead up to confronting Generation Bleu the Allied Forces unviel the fortress class IFO they had been developing named after President Abraham Lincoln, while Generation Bleu begins to feel the heat as their contracts with outside companies are severed.

Now back to playing Dark Souls, some poorly thought out joke regarding the suffering nature of the game goes here.

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Eureka Seven: AO 18

September 6, 2012

Having decided to go with the Allied Forces, Ao boards the USS Ronald Regan and meets Colonel Nick Tanaka who notes himself to be half Japanese and half Hawaiian, while back at Generation Bleu’s headquarters Fleur and Elena oversee the work of their Third Engines. However they’re unable to keep them running.

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Eureka Seven: AO 17

August 28, 2012

As an aftereffect of Ao firing the cannon, dubbed the Quartz Gun, a light has been continually shining over Norway, suggesting to the others that they may be some truth in Ao’s insistence that its use has changed the past.

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Eureka Seven: AO 16

August 22, 2012

With the previously deactivated Scub having reactivated and Secrets having emerged, Generation Bleu is forced to commence Operation Polaris where they lure all the Secrets into the Arctic Circle with the gathered Quartz, before wiping them out in one fell swoop.

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