Angel Beats! OVA

January 4, 2011

As part of their next operation, High Tension Syndrome Yuri orders them to do everything in high tension in order to give Angel/Tenshi the illusion that they’re all living a happy and fulfilling high school life yet are not disappearing. If they succeed it could possibly get them a lead on God and if they fail they will be going without food or water for a week.

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Angel Beats! 13 (END)

June 26, 2010

Three days after the events of the previous episode Yuri wakes up in the nurses office to see Otanashi, Kanade, Hinata, and Naoi waiting for her to wake up so that they can help her disappear.

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Angel Beats! 12

June 20, 2010

The sun rises as Kanade swoops down to buy Otanashi, Hinata, and Naoi some time to help the members of the SSS who wish to disappear.

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Angel Beats! 11

June 13, 2010

As he ponders who to help disappear next, Otanashi bumps into Hinata and Naoi.

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Angel Beats! 10

June 6, 2010

Otanashi and Kanade begin to help people disappear by starting with Yui and Kanade shows him new version of Hand Sonic. Otanashi has a plan to separate Yui which involves Kanade blaming her for the band dying and taking her guitar, this would cause her to chase after her and Otanashi would get the guitar back.

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Angel Beats! 09

May 29, 2010

Kanade still hasn’t woken up yet after absorbing all of the clones at once, Yuri blames herself for this as she leaves and Otanashi tells her that it wasn’t her fault as she did what she could as a leader.

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Angel Beats! 08

May 23, 2010

The Angel clone drops down from the rooftop and attacks them, Yuri immediately moves to fend her off but is overwhelmed. Otanashi leads the other SSS members to attack her only for her to deflect their shots, before she can close the distance Kanade intercepts and it leads to them stabbing each other.

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