Jormungand 12 (Season 1 END)

June 30, 2012

With a glimpse of how Koko had recruited Ugo after a deal with the mafia went sour due to his reaction to the drugs that they presented her with, in the present Ugo holds off the assassin Grego’s attack long enough for Lehm to get back to his feet and give him with the chance to slam Grego through a wall.

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Jormungand 11

June 26, 2012

After their job in the Balkans Koko and her team arrive in Egypt where they have a somewhat smaller job, selling arms to the local mobsters. However Valmet’s mind is somewhere else, and face with nightmares of her past she later cuts her hair and takes off.

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Jormungand 10

June 23, 2012

With the situation having turned sour Koko’s team is forced to fight their way out as the leader of the Balkan Dragons makes off with the doctor, and while he has a clear shot at him Koko stops Jonah from firing.

And Pokemon Black and White 2 just came out, looks like I won’t be as fast as I planned on being.

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Jormungand 09

June 10, 2012

In between jobs Koko and her team take a break at a beach in what appears to be the Adriatic Sea, the team’s members taking turns throwing Jonah around.

Figured I’d take a break from what I’m doing to throw a few posts out.

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Jormungand 07 and 08

June 4, 2012

While her team are out looking for Dr Miami, Koko dines with Mr Chang with Ugo to watch over her, and it would seem that they’re not alone either as Scarecrow accompanied by his subordinate Schokolade are trying to eavesdrop on them.

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Jormungand 06

May 22, 2012

As they make their way towards South Africa, Koko and her team have to deal with some pirates unfortunate enough to come across their ship, meeting them of course with a ruthless overkill sort of strategy that sees all but one of them blown to smithereens. Koko being kind enough to send the one Jonah saved overboard.

Why does firefox keep trying to eat my posts?

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Jormungand 05

May 14, 2012

Having left the middle east, Koko and her team bide their time as they make their way to South Africa by ship when news of a visitor arrives, Koko’s older brother Kasper.

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