Amagami SS+ Plus 13 (END)

April 5, 2012

In a universe where Junichi was somehow unable to end up with any of the girls Miya prepares to head off to a new bath house which is running a girls only promotion, intending to meet up with Ai and Sae when she gets there.

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Amagami SS+ Plus 12

March 31, 2012

Having come over to his house Junichi and Haruka waste little time in roleplaying as a newly married couple as dinner is prepared, and as usual Haruka has complete control over it while Junichi is just happy to see her smile.

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Amagami SS+ Plus 11

March 20, 2012

Picking up only a couple  of months after Haruka’s original arc, with Haruka already looking at wedding dresses and inviting Junichi to meet her parents. After which it skips ahead to Haruka telling Hibiki about this and confessing that she wants to be proposed to the same way her grandfather proposed to her grandmother. Who was romantically proposed to outside a chapel when she graduated.

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Amagami SS+ Plus 09 and 10

March 15, 2012

Picking up some ten months after the end of her original arc, Sae’s arc begins with her and Junichi still making films together, and while she may have improved in leaps and bounds in becoming less shy, there’s still some instances when she needs him.

It’s may be late but I finally got this out, and with Haruka up next I’m hyped. For now however, back to the endless onslaught of stuff I should have done yesterday.

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Amagami SS+ Plus 08

February 26, 2012

With their plans for their trip having fallen apart Junichi and Kaoru start to blame each other before things almost seem to turn in their favour, as a truck driver shows up and tells them that he knows a hot spring inn that they can stay at. Bringing Junichi’s fantasies rushing back until they see the actual inn itself.

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Amagami SS+ Plus 07

February 22, 2012

Sometime after the events of Kaoru’s arc in the first season, both she and Junichi find themselves working at the hero show at the local amusement park, and in order to counter Kaoru’s improvising Junichi does some of their own. Ultimately getting them both fired before it goes back to show how they reached this point.

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Amagami SS+ Plus 06

February 14, 2012

While the festival goes on as normal, with Haruka and Hibiki visiting stalls, along with Miya and Sae performing a play, Ai finds herself remembering the events of the year before and feeling afraid and alone without Junichi.

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